Sunday, August 13, 2006

busy weekend!

Busy weekend! We went up to Toledo to visit my mom and step dad Fri, then over the the fam reunion for my step mom's family on Saturday and back home again. Whew! Today, it's cut the grass time, cut the dog (with the clippers) and give her a bath. Then tonite I am playing at a 50th wedding anniversary! I love being in the stream of life, keeping busy, participating. Well, I love it... at least most of the time.

I finally made a big dent in my messy office this past week. I hate that I let shit get so messy.. but, it's my nature. I get behind, then I get it back to normal, I get behind then back to normal, so on so forth... I had to get it back under control, my mother in-law and my wife's cousin are coming in for a visit this week. That will be a nice visit... I am looking forward to them coming, and am usually looking forward to when they go, lol honest program... Her mom has a tendency to come on in and take over the place.. Which is ok for a short visit... It's all good!

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, help me remember as I get busier, that sobriety is the #1 thing in my life today. Without You in my life and recovery, I have nothing. Thank you fro the Blessings of good family, good friends, a safe trip to visit them, and a safe trip back home. Thank you for the chance to get out to my old home group to see the fellas that set me on my feet when I came in. I pray for Your Grace for Charlie, who's struggling with Parkinson's. And, I thank You for keeping that meeting just as it was when I moved away in 1998... Still the same honest loving message as always!


Mary Christine said...

Good Stuff. Thanks for sharing.

dAAve said...

Starting the new week with a clean desk. A novel idea.

lash505 said...

Playing at a 50th Wedding is classic. Great role models.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »