Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy half nAAked Thursday!

Well, I posted my HNT pic yesterday in an early morning fog! So, we got that outta the way!

I had one of those customer meetings yesterday that we sometime have in the mortgage biz. I put together a proposal, pre approval package for a nice young person, all excited about finding this great home, can't wait to get moving, etc. I love working with first time homebuyers! Well, last evening I met with this person and their parent to go over the details, etc. To say the least, they put me thru my paces, 2 HRS of explanations and so forth. We went over every conceivable angle of this mortgage and homebuying process. Now, I aint complaining mind you, I love it when people throw me under the "heat lamps" and scrutinize the hell outta my information, to be certain they understand and so they KNOW they are not going to be taken advantage of. So, it was a great "work out" and a good meeting. I even had them smiling by the time we finished around 8 pm last nite. The disappointment for me was when they informed me that they may not even buy a home at all, they are just "looking around..." In my business, I offer my potential customers all the pre-qualification, pre-approval leg work up front, at no cost to them. I also ask them for no commitment, until they decide they are ready to take action. I receive no compensation from them until their loan closes and funds. While this can create a BUNCH of work for me, with the possibility of no "reward" financially speaking, I believe in giving value first. Around my "small town middle America" area, people do not like to be pushed, prodded, nickled and dimed, etc. Most of the "professionals" in my industry wouldnt dream of taking two hrs with a potential borrower who isn't even sure they want to buy a home. So, I think I tend to stand out from my competitors, and I dig it. Besides, it's great practice for me to go through that stuff from stem to stern under the "heat lamps", while the borrowers play "good cop/bad cop." I was pooped, I missed my home group but I made an impression. And, I think I have a good chance at winning their business if they decide they want to buy... That sorta thing used to really piss me off.... Now, I love it! I love my job! (help me remember that, the next time you see me bitching!)

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, thank You for this continued, daily reprieve from the ravages of active alcoholism, drug abuse and cigarette smoking. Thank You for giving me the strength to continue taking better care of Your vessel (my bod... 240.5 lbs this am!) And, while last nite's meeting was exhausting and a little exasperating, thank You for bringing those people into my life. I needed that! I love when You keep me Honest! God, help me to remember not to have any expectations, only plans, goals, hope, dreams, and ACCEPTANCE! Thank You God, for the Sunlight of Your Spirit in which I bask today. And thank You also, for helping the people who put on the annual fall retreat I attend for choosing the theme: "Living in the Sunlight of the Spirit." You ALWAYS know how to provide me with what I need.

peace to y'all, I better get on with doing the next right thing!


Shannon said...

I would buy a house from you, if you are that patient to make sure we understood the whole process!
Scott I love your attitude about this, it was a good work out! that is soo awesome

Rex said...

Great prayer. You are doing awesome work.....keep on keeping on. PS Love the pic!

Scott W said...

With that prayer your Higher Power will rev you up big time today. Thank you for reminding me of my gratitude for being a non-smoker. Really awe inspring.

What is it you have that most other lenders don't? Possibly a program of honesty. We need more people like you dealing with our money.

Mary Christine said...

It's amazing what we can do when we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking of others. Very cool.

Gwen said...

That is a fantastic attitude. If you had done that with us I would return to you for my mortgage. Keep on keepin on!