Wednesday, August 09, 2006

guess what??

he he, just dawned on me, it's Wednesday!! Hello Scott!! Oh well, HNT on Wednesday....

I awoke to an awful, vivid dream this morning around 4:30, couldnt get back to sleep so, here I sit! I hate it when that happens... 2nd nite this week I have had one of those vivid, reaslistic dreams... Ugh! Now, my butt will be dragging all day!

Prayer for the day:

God/HP *yawns...* please help me to take things a moment at a time today, because we know how I get when I am sleepy... I am grateful to You for this gift of sobriety and all the blessings You have given me. Please help me remember to carry ana ttitude of gratitude and service into the day today... I pray for Your Will and Grace for my wife, as she continues to work on being smoke-free. Help me to please not add to the insanity and thank You for the presence of mind last nite to not continue reacting poorly to her mood. Please help me be a good, understanding person today, help to seek first to understand and love, rather than seeking those things first for myself.

peace to y'all!

I am gonna go pour some coffee in my eyes!



Peace to you too my friend.
I see you,

Trudging said...

I do that all the time.

Scott W said...

Caffeine can be transmitted in several ways, I have yet to try that way.

Tab said...

Ahhhh...I hate bad dreams waking me up too..ugh.You will have to drag your butt around today with coffee all over your face but just think,you can hit the hay earlier tonight and hopefully have relaxing sweet dreams!
Thanks for sharing~

Mary Christine said...