Monday, August 21, 2006

faith, gratitude and stress...

Monday morning weigh in! Week 1: 255 lbs; last week: 243.5; today week 7: 240.0 lbs, very nice. That's even after a little pizza Saturday, and the first fast food I have had in a loooong time yesterday. I think the long bike rides and exercising are finally starting to help out, with the healthier eating and smaller portions. So, that's good.

It is an absoultely glorious morning here in the nation's bread basket! Low 50's and sunny, no humidity as I drove in to the office. My in-laws headed back home this morning, had a really nice visit with them. I tried not to hibernate too much as I sometimes tend to do when they are here and we all had a nice visit! We had a nice time with the parade and then our swing band performance at the festival. I took Ian over after dinner to use up his ride tickets, and play games and win prizes... good stuff! After such a busy weekend, it feels good to hunker down and get back to work. Also, hopefully, the car will be done today so I get to spend a hefty chunk o change there... That's life...

A lil gratitude:

for a great adoptive set of in-laws... I don't always relate, due to the age difference but they are awesome people...

AA/sobriety/12 Steps

sponsees, even when I hardly hear from them (I hope you're reading this D-Man!)

my wife, son and doggie

the business opportunity HP put in my path...

for faith in an HP that will carry me through the financial stress we're under...

Prayer for the day:

HP/God, again, thanks for the miracle of sobriety and the breathtaking morning You've given me. I pray that I may use this day for Your Will, and to be a messenger of Your Message. I pray that I might remember my wife's struggles and not add to them, but be a peaceful place she can find comfort in. Help me to remember that I am to be of service to You and those about me. I pray that I may seek first to give of myself than to seek personal rewards and selfish ends... Thank you for putting MC in my life as she has been a HUGE inspiration to getting me back into a more active, healthy lifestyle.... and for Christina for her comforting words, reminding me of the importance of Al-Anon, it's been awhile since I've been to those meetings... Thanks for all my blogger friends who at different times, and for different reasons, have had a HUGE impact on my recovery, one way or another!

peace to y'all!


Tab said...

I think blogging makes a difference in our lives because so many awesome humans share because they care.
IT gives us all strenght and hope!
You kick ass Scott!!!
I liked what you said too about not relating to elder inlaws but think they are awesome anyways.
thanks for sharing!

dAAve said...

The first paragraph doesn't seem to carry as much weight as usual.

Low 50's ??????????
We won't see that until November.
Still 80 at night here and 95% humidity.

Mary Christine said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That is great progress!

lash505 said...

Major congrads on the weight loss. How much water are you drinking a day?