Wednesday, August 16, 2006

still more action!

Feeling a little crabby this morning, forgot to take my AD meds last nite, oops! So, I suppose more action is in order, as usual!

today, I am grateful for:

AA/HP/a God of understanding in my life
my wife, son and doggie
the opportunity to help people, and earn a little bit of money doing it (I hope...)
the 12 Steps
a beautiful, crisp late summer morning
getting in the office early to get a jump on the day
my wife's family, who are in for a week long visit
fresh fruit
a 7.8 mile bike ride last evening, during which I rode fast and hard most of the way
that HP has seen fit to keep my home group going for over 2 years and we're going to celebrate it tonite with pizza, pop and "My Name is Bill W."
bloggage, and my loved ones out there in the blogoshpere
my family

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, please help me stay sober again today, please remove my obsession to drink, use drugs and smoke cigarettes. I am grateful to for the gift of release from my dreadful addictions. Please help me to remember to share this gratitude today. Thank you God/HP for the mircale of modern anti-depression medicine. I seem to notice it's healing powers most when I forget to take it... Help me get through this day without losing my temper or patience with anyone I may encounter. I feel pretty bitchy this morning so, I may need a lil bit of extra help not giving in to my feelings. Help me remember that feelings aren't facts. Thank You HP, for all of Your Grace and Your WIll in my life today.

peace to y'all!!


dAAve said...

Nice list and prayer Scott.
Have a wonderful day even if you don't lose a pound.

Designer Girl said...

LOVE this line, particularly, from your prayer:

Please help me to remember to share this gratitude today.

Never thought of it quite that way, but what a GREAT inspiration!! Thanks, Scott. And, I hope your day turns out way better than you can imagine!

Tab said...

Hope you are feeling a little better :)Thanks for sharing~

Gwen said...

Congrats to your group on two years and enjoy the celebration meeting 2nite

Mary Christine said...

Hope you feel better. Feelings aren't facts, I have to tell myself that a lot lately.

doughgirl said...

What a great prayer and an honest gratitude list, thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing :)


Anonymous said...

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