Wednesday, September 13, 2006

a lil gratitude and prayer...

I am looking forward to the home group tonite. Hopefully, our newcomer from last week will return. He's got slips to sign so odds are, he'll be around for a little while. And, if he truly has a problem with alcohol, hopefully we'll be able to plant the seed deep enough that it takes root and germinates while he's around the rooms.

It's been awhile so...

today I am grateful for:

A God of my understanding in my life

Living in a country that treasures personal freedoms

AA and the 12 Steps

My wife, my son and our dog

That I have a chance at becoming a better person

That I have really gotten into the stream of life these past several months by getting back to playing, and doing more networking in my community

The opportunity to open this little business

That I am really busy right now with work and that I must be doing something right so far

Bloggage and bloggers

Fat free yogurt and granola

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, my sobriety is not possible without You in my life today. Thank You for Your continuous gift of life of recovery from the hell of alcoholism and addiction. I pray that I may have something to transmit to the still suffering alcoholic. I pray for Your Will, Blessings and Grace for those serving our country and those who make policy in our country. They need You, and so do their families. I also ask for Your Divine Guidance with regard to a couple of my customers (You know who they are). I want so badly to help them, but their situation is quite possibly beyond my help. Please help me to be extra thorough and diligent in my efforts to be of service to them. Please help me be free from worry over finances, help me remember the Faith I have in You, that has gotten me through other struggles. God, please help me be a better part of my life at home. We go through yesterday quite well, thank You for that. Help me see my family in terms of how I can be more loving, understanding, kind, patient and tolerant. Oh, and thank you for the rain of the past two days. Also, and probably most importantly, a quick prayer for Your Will where my AWOL sponsee is concerned. Please help guide him, wherever he may be.

peace to y'all


Lex-Sunshine said...

LOVE the gratitude! Its contagious! : )


I am grateful to be able to come to your blog and read your gratefuls.
I see you,

Tab said...

Nice list Scott..thanks for sharing:)

Mary Christine said...

Thanks for sharing your happy and your sad.

Sober Chick said...

Plant and water that seed!