Wednesday, September 27, 2006

yay, it's retreat week

It's Retreat Week! I have been trying not to get too excited about the upcoming Men's AA retreat but, it's only 2 days away, and I am pretty damn well looking forward to it! With the exception of the birth of my son, and 1 birthday of his, I have been attending this retreat each year since I got sober in 1996. We hold it at a YMCA camp in a rural area in Southern Michigan. It's out in a pine woods, the lodge overlooks a beautiful little lake, the fellowship, spirituality and step work is just wonderful. We sleep in these great little cabins, do the "stay up way too late around the fire" thing, fish, star gaze, drink ridiculous amounts of coffee, and of course, eat way too much. The photos are of the "Chapel in the Pines..."

Being the "change proof" alkie that I am, I have slept on the same bunk every year, same cabin, etc... (always trying to re-create the original buzz!! lol) Well, this year, I am tent camping for a change of pace... It will be chilly, and it may even rain but, I am going for it! I wish I could accurately express how much I get from these retreat weekends. My sobriety completely changed, the first year I went up there. Something about being secluded with 65-70 other alcoholics, talking serious recovery, enjoying serious joy and fellowship really changes the face of recovery, especially when you see those fellow retreaters in meetings... Everything is at a different level and I really love it! What's really great about this retreat is that I get to hang with a group of guys I met when I first got sober in Toledo... So for me, it's really like "going home" to where I got sober. In fact, I usually hit two of these things during the year. I help to chair and organize a Men's Winter Retreat about 7 miles from my home, each Jan/Feb for the past 8 yrs. it's a whole different environment, indoors, a retreat center, private rooms/baths, etc. But again, it always makes for an incredible weekend.

Unfortunately, my wife can't seem to see the benefit of attending such an event lol, which is really no big deal with me. She won't even sleep out in the back yard on a warm summer evening, lol. So, for her to attend a weekend long event like this, would be ridiculous in her mind. Needless to say, she can't see the point of why I go, and then of course, likes to let me know that she thinks I should've "gotten more outta my spiritual weekend" when I fail at maintaining the principles of recovery in my life (i.e.- act like a selfish ass...) at some point after returning home. lol It's really just one of those man/woman things that we'll never understand about each other. Like the BB says, I have to learn to accept my wife just as she is... That's just one of those little things we'll never agree on, no biggie. The nice thing for her is that it falls around Ian's b-day each yr and so her family is usually staying at our place for several days to visit and be here for the b-day. So, at least she's not trapped with the boy alone all weekend. She really isn't too fond of that lol It makes for an insanely long weekend when she's alone... So, I always try to "bank up" a little extra time for her to have alone before and after the retreats.... I get my time, she gets hers... That's how I figure it should go!

I got a closing today, yee haw! I love closing day! And, it is starting to look like some of the deals in my pipeline are beginning to get rolling. I think I may find a couple purchase contracts from my buyers on my fax this week... In the mortgage biz, purchase contract means GO! That would be grooooooovy!

I started RCIA last evening, first actual class... They gave us copies of the Catechism to keep, along with a companion book. This whole thing is a bit intimidating, lol to be honest about it. I can already see the self searching twisting into some sort of guilt ridden "I am not good enough" ridiculousness. lol I will have to take it easy on myself, and remember that I am not auditioning for the Papacy. You know, if I can't do it perfectly, I better not do it at all, LOL.

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, thank you for the gift of continued sobriety... Without You in my life, if I don't give myself to You every day, I cannot possibly hope to live sober, and live to good purpose. I ask an especially special bit of help today for a friend. I have a sponsee out there back doing his thing. I pray for Your Will and Your Grace in his life, and in his wife and family's lives. I thnk You for guiding his wife to contact me yesterday, seeking help for herself and for him. God/HP, please use me to carry ONLY YOUR MESSAGE as I attempt to reach him this week. Help me to not be pushy, judgemental in my discussion with him. Please use me to help him find the courage and faith to rejoin the fellowship of the Spirit. And, please help me to accept whatever outcome results from our efforts to help him. God, thank You in advance for making me Your servant, for enabling me to carry Your message. I pray for Your Will and Grace for all my friends, family, loved ones, and of course, anyone who needs You in their life. Also, a prayer for peace in the hearts of my friend who just lost his dad to the big C. I pray that they've found You dwelling in their hearts and lives, that his dad may finally rest in Your everlasting care.

peace to y'all...


dAAve said...

Hi, Scott.

Mary Christine said...

The retreat sounds wonderful. I dont' think it is a man/woman thing that your wife doesn't understand.

Tab said...

Happy Trails :)
Easy does it and thanks for sharing~

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

That's on my list of good "yets" Never been on a men's retreat. Closest I have come is a three day motorcycle ride, campout and meeting binge of 3 a day.

That was awesome too.

Have fun!!!

Brad said...

Hey Scott,

I went to a men's AA retreat last winter, and it was definitely a "springboard" for the rest of my year! I'm definitely going back!

Hope you have lots of fun!!!

Brad :-)

SCoUt said...

I'm jealous!!!! Just kidding! Trying to think of the most self-centered thing I could possible say as a little funny.
Sounds like an awesome time and well deserved (not to mention maybe needed?)for you, my pal.
Have a wonderful, full weekend.