Monday, October 09, 2006

ya gotta luv mondays!

Dang if I didnt come in to a purchase contracton the fax last Monday, and here we go again, another one this morning when I hit the door! I am almost starting to like Mondays! I have almost gotten officially pretty darn busy! I love being busy!

dAAve, I weighed in at 238.5 this morning. It was better than I thought, since I was like 241 last Monday, after the pig out retreat, lol. I think 237 is as low as I ahve gotten (which would be 18 lbs less than when I began), so I am doing fairly decently. I gotta stay back on track and keep on going!

This weekend was pretty nice. We enjoyed the visit with my mom and step dad, and things went at my dad's as well. yesterday, the weather was so nice, I decided I had better take advantage of it. So, after I got the grass cut (with help from Ian) I surprised ihm by taking him to play 9 holes of golf. He has only been on a golf course one other time, last summer. So, he was pretty excited. I let him drive the cart (while standing in front of me, I ran the gas, not to worry!) It was fun... A little crazy because he just talks endlessly... Oh man can that boy talk! But, it was really a blast to be out there on such a sunny warm October day. The leaves were all pretty much turned, and still on the trees, so the golf course looked awesome, and it was still possible to fine stray golf balls without digging thru leaves.

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, thank You for the gift of sobriety! My life would be a big ole 0 without You and recovery. I am grateful to you each and every day. I pray that my sponsee D can find his way back to Your Will and Grace. I pray that I may persist in making myself available for him, should he choose to ask for the help I offer. I pray that I may be a conduit through which Your message flows clearly and lovingly. I also pray for Your Will and Your Blessings for my step bro. He has been trying for a couple months to land a really great job. He found out last week that he didn't get it. I feel awful for him, he must be crushed. I pray that he finds the courage to dust himself off and continue on trying to make things better for his family.

peace to y'all!


dAAve said...

Great news on the job and contracts. They're comin' your way.
Keeping the upcoming holidays in mind, think of where you want to be, weight-wise, on Jan 2. Shoot for that.

Sober Chick said...

Awesome success on your weigh in!

That's right if I remember Ian was pretty talented out there on the golf course. Many of us asked if he gave lessons. ;)

You painted a brilliant picture of the day, I can see it in my head. It is wonderful.