Sunday, November 19, 2006

a lil pre Thanksgiving Gratitude

I have a ton to be grateful for... And, it's good for me to write down the things I am grateful for, to keep things in perspective becausew I forget, and I have a tendency to focus on the negative at times.

12 Steps
decent health
a loving wife, son n great lil doggie
a great business opportunity
a fairly full pipeline of customers, especially for this time of year
the skill and tools God gave me to do my job fairly well
the gift of music and the opportunity to share it
the chance to go to WV this week and visit my wifes folks
to drop off the radar from Tues to Sat
lots of friends in AA
a great jail mtg yesterday
an attitude of gratitude
an occasional attitude of service

and so forth

prayer for the day...

God/HP, thanks for keeping me sober yet another day, and thank You for all the incredible blessings in my life. I pray that I can maintain this attitude of gratitude. I pray that I may be of service today... I also pray that I don't get too upset no matter what the outcome of the Browns/Steelers game today, it's a big one for us! (Go Browns!) I pray that I work to keep my busy life simple and peaceful, and on that one I can definitely use your guidance!

peace to y'all!


Gwen said...

I am feelin your gratitude Scott. Thanks for sharing it with us.


lash505 said...

What a list. go browns go.

SCoUt said...

Beautiful list, Scott.
But I gotta say, "Go, Steelers!"

dAAve said...

A fine list.
Don't stray too far from the radar.
See ya when you return.

Tab said...

You know Scott..I can relate to that forgetting thing some times.I am currenlty trying to focus on simplicity and happiness for the moment stuff..that keeps gratitude right at the tip on my mind more often.
YOu sound like you are doing great...
Thanks for sharing..great list!
ps.Did you wife ever quit smoking>?

A Tampa Realtor said...

Loved the comment about getting away this week. I will be doing so too, out in the Mountains of North Eastern California!