Tuesday, November 14, 2006

no self mutilation here...

Well dAAve and MC, you're certainly right... I am what I am, no matter the shape and size... And I am certainly not going to get on the cross over my lack of motivation to take better care of myself. I simply have a renewed vigor to get my health in line... So, I will refrain from beating myself up over this one... It's just one of those annoying things about Scott that I am tired of either having to deal with, or having to deal with the consequences of not dealing with it.

We got another offer on our lot in KY. (the one her folks gave us as a wedding gift a year and a half ago so we could re do our "desperately needing attention" kitchen) It's from the same people who low balled me in August... I held out for more money and don't ya know they knuckled under. It wasn't a lot more, but it was more than I would've got had I sold when they refused to bargain with me. I have to say that to stare someone down is something that I've only learned to do since getting sober and getting into the business world. It feels good to stick to my guns and have a little patience, instead of knee-jerking to the first offer we get in over a yr of being listed. The important thing is that now once this all gets closed up, we can re-do our kitchen. I can get my wife a new dishwasher, we can have a nice kitchen we design and put together ourselves... I'm even going to do my best to not assert my will when it comes to making decisions about the decor, etc. (I have a tendency to forget that I am not the only one living in our home and using our kitchen, even if she does dislike cooking, lol). This should be a good exercise for us to go thru, and it will give us something to do over the winter months. My guess is that we wont do much until after Christmas is over.

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, thanks for keeping me sober another day, and please continue to remove my obsession to drink, drug, smoke and eat things that are bad for me while sitting on the couch not exercising. Thank You for whatever part You had in getting those people to make another offer on our lot. Thank You for giving me the patience (and enough other things to do) that I could just sit and wait for a better price. I pray that You may guide our thinking as to how we use the money. I also pray most especially this morning for my wife. She is having one of those award winning um, well you know... Anyhow, I simply pray that I don't add to her stress and worry while she works thru this time of difficulty. I also pray that she has the courage to rely more on You, that she can see the good things in our life and for her own peace and serenity, that she can stop focussing on stuff that isn't as positive. I know You're there for her, I only pray that she has the courage to let her stuff go to You and live in peace today.

peace to y'all!

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