Monday, November 13, 2006

tubby tubby 2 X 4 he he

Well dAAve, I am backsliding... it's a honest program: 244.5! Still well below our start of 255 but 3.5 up from last week. Thank goodness I joined the Y over the weekend, and spent Sat afternoon shooting hoops and playing b-ball, and got an hour in on the stationary bike Sunday, and shot hoops. Hopefully this joining the Y thing will have some form of motivation. I gotta get my shit together here...

"Who am I to judge other people? Have I proved by my great success in life that I know all the answers?" -- 24 Hrs. A Day Nov 13th

Oh man... always a tuffie... It is such a temptation to keep the focus on those around me, rather than on myself. It always makes me feel better (if only for just a second) to take the inventory of the person who's whizzin' in my corn flakes, rather than to review my own part in the deal... My default position is an external inventory of those around me, comparing my insides to their outsides, and man does that get me in trouble... Things go so much better for me when I keep the focus on msyelf. Unfortunately, I kinda suck at that, lol!

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, thanks for another day sober!! Yay!! God, help me work on myself today, physically, spiritually, emotionally... Help me to take better care of the vessel you've given to house my spirit. I pray for Your Will and Grace in my life today, as well as for my family, friends and those who struggle with this disease. I pray that I may remember to stay in service to you and to those about me. Especially help me to remember that I am here to serve my customers, and that through my service to them, my needs will be met.

peace to y'all, Happy Monday!


Sober Chick said...

Maybe, just maybe you are retaining water :) and it is not actual wieght gain. Ok ok, I know, the mind of an alcoholic/person that is powerless over food . . . yup my mind is quite the manipualtor. Blah.

Happy Monday 2 U!

Mary Christine said...

Happy Monday - whether at 244 or 144, it's all good.

dAAve said...

"whizzin' in my corn flakes" LOL

MC is right. Don't bet yourself up over this. Just remind yourself each day that the holiday season is approaching and a refreshed awareness of the temptations of the palate is called for.