Friday, November 10, 2006

whew, long week

been a busy, stressful, but all in all pretty darn good week... 240 lbs dAAve, not gaining any ground.... not really losing ground, but not getting anywhere either!

MC, a thing of note, that you'll enjoy... The Homy Trinity was our topic this week at RCIA. I spent the past two weeks reading and re reading the chapter, trying to wrap my mind around this concept, to really, really understand it. It took me until the very end of the discussion of the Holy Trinity to realize, DUH... like I have been reading, it's a mystery of faith that cannot be wholly understood.. hellooo Scott, that's why they call it faith! I'm a classing doubting Thomas! I can be sooo in my own way sometimes!

Tomorrow is the jail meeting, typically one of the highlights of my week! yay!! I love going in there, it reminds me of wht I have to look forward to if I do not continue to try to live a sober God-Centered life a day at a time. It takes me back to the insanity of my drinking and drugging and it gives me an opportunity to carry God's message of Hope via the Steps and ym own experience.

Prayer for the day...

God/HP... Thanks for another day sober... Thanks for my health, family all that stuff.... Thanks fro all the work you've given me to do in recovery, with my business, with my family and on myself. I pray that I may have something to pass along tomorrow, that you might use me to help another drunk stay sober a day at a time and gain insight into himself. I pray that I might recall that I am here to be of service, not to accumulate money, or stuff or become well known and all that other Scott stuff... Help me to take time for myself this weekend, read some blogs, share, reflect and prepare for the insanity that is the holidays with family.... It's coming!

peace to y'al!


dAAve said...

thanks for checking in, instead of checking out

Shannon said...

Hey Scotty, I am there with the weight thing err I hate it.. about me... working on it one day at a time
thought I would come by and say HI