Monday, December 18, 2006

new blogger format

Has anyone tried the new blogger format yet? If so, how is it? Do ya like it?

247 lbs +3 from last week... not sure how that happened, was being careful, worked out, etc. ah well... This battle with weight just flat pisses me off... I've been dealing with it for years, and not doing consistently well. It just tires me, lol. It seems as if there's always somethin, huh?

I had one of those goofy Monday's, lots of little annoying things happening, unexplained forgetfulness, doing dumb things and not sure why, pretty silly really! I guess the good thing is that I didn't let it ruin my day, I never got totally off track and pissed off and I ended up getting some stuff done today that I had been putting off. Of course, at this point in the day, I am just sleepy and grumpy!

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, thank you for keeping me sober for another day. While I know there are things I do that help me stay sober, it's really all attributable to You and Your Saving Grace. Thank You for helping me to not lose my temper today. There were times when a goofy Monday like today would've been nothing but misery and insanity all the day long. God, help me to have the discipline tonite to do some work in preparation for the realtor meeting I have tomorrow. And, please help me have the patience I know I will need in dealing with those people tomorrow as well.

peace to y'all, and thanks to all you beautiful bloggers for coming by to see me and share your recovery with me!


dAAve said...

just lettin' ya know i dropped by

Tab said...

we have to get disciplined with our bodies just like our spirits in recovery Scott.I have lost five pounds just by walking to work everyday.Find something you like and know you can do every day to burn the calories:) Keep trying.