Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday reflections

Other than spending the nite on the couch due to the annoying "cough a bunch as soon as I lie down" phase of this little cold/sinus event, I think things are going to be just fine today! I have a meeting with a new local realty office here in about an hour. They just opened their doors here in my lil old town and I can't wait to get in there at talk with them. I met them at a Chamber even right before Christmas and a couple of the agents shared with me that they are getting the cold shoulder from local banks and attorneys, due to the huge market presence of the only other realtor in town, who's been here forever. I guess I just don't get the "small town" snub game. But, it works for me. I am able to get with the new realtors and be there for them when no one else will. Gives me a great opportunity to show them how well I (ok, HP and I) can take care of (be of service to) their buyers! I dig it!

Anyhow, enuff shop talk! I want to encourage everyone to go visit my new friend Sober Steve! Christina turned me on to him and he cold always use a little extra support from our awesome online fellowship!

At the home group the other nite, everyone was in agreement about reading/discussing a Step each month so we'll start that up next week. The Daily Reflection that morning was about powerlessness and we ended up having a great discussion on that. But as we were talking about all the stuff we're powerless over, it dawned on me that just realizing we're powerless is only the beginning. Its a huge and necessary beginning. But nothing but more insanity can come of it unless we are able to accept our powerlessness. I mean to just sit and realize I cannot control what other people do is great and all. But, I have to come to a point where I am at peace with that fact, and I no longer try to do it. I mean, I spent years still trying to bend folks around me to my will (and still sometimes forget, and do it...) and it just made me nuts! Just because I know intellectually that crazy stuff happens when I drink and drug, and that I cannot control it doesn't mean I will stop doing it. I am living proof of that! So, while it's great to know I am powerless, I have to make that longest journey from mind to heart and accept my powerlessness before I can get relief from it. It ended up being a great meeting...

Prayer for the day...

God/HP/Jesus, help me today to stay sober and drug free. I pray that I might not forget that I am powerless over what happens to me when I take the first drink. I pray that I have the humility to know and be at peace with the fact that I am quite powerless over most everything in my life. I mean sure,I can effect an outcome here or there, manipulate a situation but, I have to remember that the One with the Power is You. When I align my Will with Your Power is when things begin to go rightly in my life and the insanity drops away, leaving relief, peace and serenity. Thank You for sharing Your Will and Grace in my life today. And God/HP/Jesus... I pray for Your Will and Grace for JB, Scout and all the friends and family of JB.

peace to y'all!


Anonymous said...

Scott, thanks for the comments on my page! Your prayers are always so revealing and inspirational!


Redhead Gal said...

hello Scott, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

"So, while it's great to know I am powerless, I have to make that longest journey from mind to heart and accept my powerlessness before I can get relief from it."

WOW -- I needed ro read this tonight! Thank you, Scott.