Saturday, February 03, 2007

4 things about me...

I saw this on my friend Shannon's blog and figured why not? It'll be fun!


4 jobs I have had in my life... McD's maintenance man, newspaper boy, landscaper, industrial salesman (plastic molding)

4 movies I watch over and over... The Outlaw Josey Wales, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings (all of em), Steel Magnolias (do I have to stop with four??)

4 places I have lived... Fredonia, NY; Forestville, NY; Toledo, OH; Houston, TX

4 TV Shows I love to watch... House, Criminal Minds, American Idol, Men in Trees

4 places I have been on vacation... Sedona/Flagstaff/Grand Canyon, AZ; Estes Park, CO; Toronto, CA; Madison, WI

4 fave foods... Pizza, Buffalo Wings, Prime Rib (rare), Salmon (ok, so there was one healthy one lol)

4 places I would rather be... Alaska (alone, for a trip); Vancouver, BC (with my wife and Ian) ; Sedona, AZ (with my wife and Ian); somewhere on the coast of North or South Carolina (with my wife and Ian)

4 people I expect to answer this... Noor, mAAry AAnne, Jonathan, Judy

ok, that was fun... thanks Shan!


lash505 said...

Ok now I understand the nuggets thing. MCD employed. lol

Scott said...

lol, geeze I never gave that thought lash.. interesting subliminal mcmessages lol

dAAve said...

The Outlaw Josey McWales?