Monday, February 26, 2007

going to the doc!

I have a few mins before I need to head out to the doc's office. It's time for some blood work to check out the old cholesterol and my thyroid levels. I found out a yr ago that I suffer from Hypothyroidism (inactive thyroid). Two biggies that can effect are depression and the inability to lose weight or keep from gaining it. Now, I would love to blame my plumpness on the old thyroid, but I know I've spent a lifetime eating poorly and exercising little, lol. But, I have not lost weight like I did last time I began walking an dieting. Of course last time, I was on a 1200-1400 calorie /day militant diet and this time I am merely eating better, eating less. But this time, I am exercising more rigorously, doing crunches and playing basketball in addition to the walking regimen. Also, over the past few weeks I have really upped the amount of water I drink and lowered the amount of diet pop significantly. So, I had hoped to see more progress in terms of weight loss than I have so far. And I wonder if prehaps old Mr. Thyroid is playing a role in that... I intend to discuss it with the doc and we'll see what th blood test says. This fall I had my blood taken and my thyroid was outta whack again, even though I had been on meds since last Jan. He upped my dosage by 50% in Nov, we'll see if it's had the intended effect!

Yesterday's Rite of Election was really great... There's roughly 1200 people converting to the Catholic Church this year and the service I was in had about 300 of us and our Godparents/Sponsors and variousd family members. It was really something... I got to get right up there close to the Arch Bishop, that was pretty nifty. It turns out he's human, just liek me, lol. All in all, a wonderful day, exciting time.

Prayer for today...

JC/HP/God, please help me to stay sober today. I know in my heart of hearts that I cannot stay sober nor live to good purpose without giving myself completely to Your care, one day at a a time. To that end, I pray that today I might open myself to You, revealing my strengths and weaknesses, that You might use my to do Your Good Works. Please help me to remember that You haev a Plan for me, that I only have my part in that Plan and it is my job to keep focussed on only my part. I pray that I might leave the rest of the worrying about outcomes to you, specifically where work/money are concerned. Thank You for the promise of this day!

peace be with you all!


Sylvia said...

Good luck with the doctor. Glad to hear that the Rite of Election went well.

Lex-Sunshine said...

Good luck with the doctor & thyroid stuff. I know that losing weight is hard enough w/o challenges like that going on! I love the shrinkage meter!! That is just great!!! I want one for my own blog, but I'm growing right now! Not shrinking!!! : ) LOL!!! Maybe in another 6 months I'll get one for me........ : )

Congrats on the Rite of Election! What an experience!!!

lushgurl said...

Good luck with the doc, glad to see you are taking care of self! Loved the quote re: God's plans for me!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get the answers you need at the doc. I am going there myself today, so we can think of each other :-)
Let me know if you figured out the button thing at cool text. I will aim you or email you if you haven't o.k?
scoutegrl -- aim

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I'm sending my good luck with the doc too, Scott.

Great banner.

Mary Christine said...

Wish I could be there to see you at Easter Vigil.

Sober Chick said...

I love to learn that you are taking time to investigate your health problems. Sometimes living in denial can be so much easier than learning the truth and doing something about it. Glad you are taking the steps to better your health! You will feel so empowered by doing so!

Shannon said...

Hey Scott. I am sure the doc report will be good.
I am having the same problem, both, hyperthyroidism, and I am eating healthier and exercising like crazy 30-45 min of cardio and 45-60 minutes stregnth training. I recently learned something about the way I am dieting and sounds like you are too...I am not loosing weight fast like I ahve in the past (I cut back on calories serverly too in the past) we are gaining water and muscle and they both weigh more than fat, which is good because the more muscle we have the more it speeds up our metabolism and burns calories and fat better. We want water, water sotred in muscles and helps us keep and make more muscle. so, keep it up and you and I will burn off all the fat...
I am reading a great book, called the best life diet, and it really explains, weight weight loss, and weight gain, helps us do a 4th step (so to speak) about why we are over weight and why we want to loose weight and why we didnt keep it off in the 1st place, adn I am coming to some great realizations.

anyway check it out and let me know
you are doing great!

Katy said...

Hello my friend!

I know I've said it a lot... But I absolutely LOVE LOVEL LOVE that you share your prayers on here - it's just wonderful to read and to see your genuine humility and relationship with your HP.

I hope you had good results at the doctor's. I know how tough this stuff can be. Yup, all to well. I admire your courage and I know you'll make get it all figured out because you have the best guide you can possibly have... JC!

Happy Days to You!!! :O)