Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday stuff!

Shannon- Thanks for the info on what you're up to health-wise... it kinda helps to know I am not the only one struggling with this stuff... (not that I didn't know that, lol!) The checkup went well, I did ask the doc about weight loss and he said that I probably lost the weight (61 lbs in about 6 mos) too quickly on too "rigorous" of a diet. I agree on the way I was eating being too rigorous, it was just too difficult to maintain. So, I am just going to keep on keepin' on with trying to eat better and less, drinking more water/less pop & coffee and plenty of regular exercise. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and encouragement! It means a TON!!

We had an awesome RCIA meeting last nite, discussing the sacrament of Matrimony and The Blessed Virgin Mary. It nearly brought me to tears, with the power of God's Love and the various personal things that were shared, that gave me insight into myself and my marriage. It was just awesome!

Home group tonite, looking forward to that as always! I have had a busy week, butone of those weeks where I feel like I am busting butt but not getting anything done, lol. Frankly, I am basically fighting the urge to become overly concerned about my finances and the way things are going business-wise. I am a bit of a dry run with regard to new business. It's mainly seasonal so, I do have the "this too shall pass" thing to fall back on. But, also, due to the major legislation that went into effect in Ohio, to combat foreclosures, the market is really under some pressure. So, I am trying to market my arse off, following the direction of those who are having much success, trying to stay in front of people, praying, going to meetings, working with others, reading, trying to improve myself, and probably most of all.... trying to remember ot have the faith necessary to stay at peace through all of this because I know HP is going to take care of me, and things will happen they way they happen because they are supposed to happen that way.

Prayer for today...

God/JC/HP, please remove my obsession to drink and use drugs today. I pray that I may remember that everything good in my life depends upon me giving myself over to Your Will, and finding ways to be of service to You and those about me. I lay my work/finance problems in Your hands, only to do the next right thing that is in front of me. I pray that I might open my heart to You, seeking Your Will in all things, having the faith that everything will work out as You wish it. I pray for Your Will and Grace for the alcoholics out there sick and suffering, for my friend Larry in Tx, recovering from major brain surgery, for my friend Shelly who's boy severely injured himself a few weeks ago sledding. I pray that I might take the time to better myself as a mortgage professional and a husband/dad. Thanks God, for this RCIA... wow! And thanks for your Revelation, one day at a time thru AA, the Church and those about me!

enjoy a peaceful Wednesday!


lushgurl said...

All good stuff SN... keeping it in today and lots of prayer to remind me that I am NOT in control, always get me through the rough stuff!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

eat better and less, drinking more water/less pop & coffee and plenty of regular exercise

and the good doc forgot one thing - MORE HNT

CactusFreek said...

I have a link you may appreciate. Keep up the great work :o)


Anonymous said...

hey hey, Scott
I am enjoying reading your blog.

"Coming Home" to the Catholic Church? Awesome stuff!
Life is exciting ain't it?

Thanks for sharing. :)
God bless.

Shannon said...

I love your attitude, keep it up. YOu are soo good.
I know to just keep on keepin on and you will loose the weight, you will mortgage houses you will succeed!

Have a great day thanks for sharing your prayer it helped me today