Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We got 4" of light fluffy, dry snow last nite. It was enuff to mess the roads all up and provide me with plenty of snowblowing fun! I should've taken some pics this morning as it was a bright sunny morning and the new snow was just spectacular... Ya know that "winter's majesty" thing they refer to in literature? Well, we had plenty of that this morning. HP was everywhere!

Someone got me "arrested" by the MD fundraising people. I was called today by the MD folks and it seems I am accused of having a big heart and will be "standing trial" or some such thing on March 8 at a local sports bar. I have to raise $600.00 for local MD kids or be "jailed." There's just no way I was going to blow that off, or refuse to help. So, I guess my accusers are right. I am supposed to be getting a website where I can even raise funds online so once that gets up and running I will provide info on how to contribute if ya want to... It actually sounds like fun!

Prayer for today...

God/HP/JC... I thank You for this day and everything it brought/will bring. I pray that You might use me to carry Your Good News into my Home Group tonite. I pray for Your Will and Grace and Your Strength in the lives of my friend Mike R in Houston, and his family. His wife passed away this afternoon of cancer. They found the cancer a few weeks ago, it was all over and it was simply too late to help her. She was in her late 40's, left behind a couple teenage kids and a really great husband. God, help me to be of service, to remember that my job is to serve you and those around me. Please help me to press on at work and not worry about the slow times. I know you'll get us thru!

peace to y'all!


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Good idea, Scott. Hope you'll bring it off.

Sorry about Mike R.

Inmatez Wife said...

If you get a site--let me know!!!!!!!!!! Good Man!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know you cracked me up about the flax seed wraps don't sprinkle them in or is in the tortilla Bob actually liked them which is shocking but true..and great! We are making little changes to eat better.
Hope you are doing well.I didn't like reading your friends wife passed away suddenly from Cancer.
It just tears families apart that bloody disease..but ya know what?
There have been some very good effective advances in cancer that is saving lives.I hope her husband will get through this okay.Life is tough sometimes hey Scott..?
Sometimes it is anothers suffering to remind us what WE have to be grateful for and to never take for granted.Including our health..YIkEs ..long commenter here.
sorry lol

dAAve said...

When it snows, it pours.