Monday, March 05, 2007

on death's door, lol

Man, does a fever of 103.6 mean I should see the doc? By Sunday afternoon I was wanting to die! I was lying there on the couch shivering so hard my teeth chattered, that sucked, lol My temp has come down but man now my sinuses are going bonkers and the coughing... it's madness! I didn't get much sleep last nite or Sat nite. My wife bought me some Flu meds Zicam, but the box said to ask the doc before I take it so, I am going in to see him at 11:00 today. This morning my temp is normal but I feel like hammered shit. So, I am going to put my tough-guy/manlinessthing on hold and get to the doc. My wife thinks I have the flu... All I know is that I haven't felt this crappy in years... Fortunately, I am a healthy type person and I tend to fightt hese things off quickly... I hope that's going to be the case! Me no likey being sick, lol!

Spending the evening in bed last nite afforded me the opportunity to watch the 2 hr documentary/drama on Discovery Channel about the "Lost Tomb of Jesus." They presented a compelling story indeed but there''s so many things that aren't known. There's so many holes that have to be filled in. The whole thing was basically a hypothesis that these ossuarys (bone boxes) they've found in a tomb in Jerusalem might be the family of Jesus of Nazereth. But in order for this to be true, you have to make several assumptions and suppositions of fact in order to link this whole mess together. It made for very entertaining TV, but I just don't know if they really proved anything. It was like a giant if... then thing. If you could assume this, then perhaps that might be true also. And the way they inserted these dramatic re-enactments of various parts of Jesus' life was sort of the "cement" that helped bind the whole story together. They made it easier to think that maybe these folks were on to something. But as far as scientific fact is concerned, it came off as pretty flimsy.

So for now, Christianity as we know it and practice it is propbably going to be safe and sound, lol! It would've been my luck, lol that they find a way to bring down all of Christianity just as I am about to be baptized and confirmed into the Catholic Church. I know, I know this aint about me lol!

Prayer for today...

God/HP/JC... Thanks for another sober day today! I know that without You in my life each day, I cannot stay sober nor can I live to good purpose. I pray that I might get over this yuck, whatever it is, quickly! I also pray that I don't pass it along to my family. Thanks to my wife for taking good care of me, and thank You for helping me not to take my foul mood out on her and the boy. Thank You for the movie I watched last evening about Jesus and that tombe they found in Jerusalem. I think it's good sometimes, that we might question our faith and what we believe. In the end I think it makes our faith stronger.

peace be with you all!


lushgurl said...

Hah Steve....My fever went up to 104 a couple of weeks ago and I didn't go to doctor! I am either more 'manly' than you or more 'sick' in the head...
I am still coughing, but feeling much better, hope it passes soon for you too.
*HUGS* from across the room!!!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Get well soon, Scott.

Katy said...

Geeze Scott... I feel your pain & I'm so so SO sorry you caught this ick.

This one is a linger'er so I'm happy you went to see the doc today. I was sick for a week and started to feel a little bit better so I thought all was well with the world... But oh, that was just a teaser because then it really ATTACKED! Finally at about 2-1/2 weeks I realized I didn't have the goods to kick it on my own (or I guess we're calling that "Manliness" that I didn't have ;O) so I finally saw my doctor. By that time it was a full blown bronchial infection AND sinus infection. Antibiotics & Codeine cough syrup were my sanity. Ohh, the cough.

The story doesn't end there... Then 3 weeks into it (on Valentine's Day) I coughed so hard I tore my obliques, cracked my rib, and spent the evening in the Emergency room!

I hardly ever get sick either... I'm GLAD YOU'RE getting seen today - I think that makes you a very SMART MAN! I'm sending good healthy thoughts your way & praying you get better soon!

dAAve said...

get well soon
or now

lushgurl said...

Sorry 'bout the typo the other day!!! The fever must have caused some brain damage....SCOTT....LOL
Hope you are feeling well soon.