Thursday, May 31, 2007

shrinkin backwards

lol,I think that's pretty self explanatory... I have been so busy, that the working out thing has lost a bit of steam, gotta re-double my efforts, ugh! I hate this "getting in shape" stuff sometimes... It's great when yer shrinkin', not when you're expanding!

I closed on a loan tonite that I have been working on since I opened my doors last July. I have never in ymy career had such a long drawn out protracted loan. This guy was a mess when I got him, we worked on his credit, got it cleaned up, dealt with some real sleazy buttheads that owned the home he bought, and finally closed! Yay! Most brokers would've dumped this customer back in July and moved on to the next quick deal. but, I don't so it that way. In fact, in nov I talked to a dude gave him some advice,a nd don't ya knowhe called me, ready to roll just yesterday, instant loan! Most folks in ym business can't see past their most recent broker fee enough to learn to have some vision, help people, take the time even if it doesnt earn an instant paycheck. Then those people remember you and they always turn out to be the loan you could sure use at the right time, to keep the thing moving forward... So, needless to say, I was pleased as punch to get this one in the books!

This morning I met with all of our county commisioners and the county administrator in chamber, in session ot dicusss this foreclosure task force thing I want to start in my county, to help slow down the growing rate of foreclosure. They were really open to getting this thing rolling and wanted to do whatever we could to make a difference. We're going to work on both educational/preventative things,a s well as putting together county-wide resources for those going through the process. It was really, really kool being in an official meeting with these guys... I had to watch my ego lol! (but it was kool....) can you tell I am excited? I was pretty excited in the meeting, I don't think they were expecting a guy (mortgage broker) with my level of passion for helping to hopefully improve the problem.

Last nite I had my first class in preparation to become a catechist (religion teacher) for our 8th graders. It was a class/workshop on leading group prayer and damn it was awesome, It was 2.5 hrs andI coulda gone for another 2.5 hrs... I got so much stuff to use both in teaching and in AA mtgs and retreats... just awesome! I am so excited about learning to teach and well, just learning! I got my New Catholic Answer Bible today, oh yeah, good stuff there!

Prayer for tonite...

God/JC/HP, without You, I could not live to good purpose, nor stay sober a day at a time. Everything I have in my life that is good I owe to You and to my recovery. Thank You! Thanks for helping me not to give up on that customer or the others I have hung in there with! There's no way I have the patience on my own, it is only through Your Divine Providence I am able to help others. I pray that I might continue this attitude of gratitude and service into tomorrow, and look for ways to be of service to You and those around me!

peace be with you all!


lushgurl said...

You sure are a busy bee Scott! It really impresses me how you have reached out to help those in need. When I'm ready to buy a house, can I call you? LOL
love and HUGS

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Scott said...

Lounge Daddy, I will get a response to your taggage out over the next few days when the dust settles... maybe even tonite! I am a book person so thanks for taggin!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Have a great weekend, Scott.