Thursday, June 21, 2007

a day in the life of an entrepreneur...

at least I think I am an entrepreneur, lol

I decided to take off and play 9 holes this morning. I deserve. I worked hard and closed some good business the past several weeks and so I played golf. It was a beautiful day, I parred a couple holes, shot 46 and walked around in prayer/meditation and appreciation of the wonder of God's world. It was wonderful... I had running to do in that particular town and so hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I ended up getting fingerprinted for my CCD teaching, ran a couple errands, scoped out the pet store for future fish and supply purchases, bought a gift cert for a customer as a thank you and ended my morning with a nice lunch at a fave Chinese Buffet of mine. (I know, not healthy...)

I then made an executive decision to finish the work day at home in my office there. My cell had not rang the whole morning, my office voice mail had got no messages so I decided! Which kinda bums me out because I had left messages for several prospects that I had done some fine looking pre-approvals for and no replies. Man, I hate that, lol

I checked my uneventful e-mail and decided it was time to catch up on some yard work. So, I mowed, watered, fed, shaped my Eastern Redbud tree, trimmed the two big Linden trees out front, tied my tomatoe plants to their stakes, helped Ian set out/plant the "Roll-n-Grow" my mom sent him. (It makes a strip of flowers for butterflies and hummingbirds, according to the TV commercial that sucked Ian and my mom in, lol) By that time it was time for a shower and we dashed off to Ian's T-Ball class at the Y.

What does all this have to do with sobriety?? Well, it's simple... Work is slow and so I did the next right things that were in front of me, and thoroughly enjoyed my day. I got a TON of stuff done around the house, had some good Q time with Ian playing catch and hitting McD's for supper (man, I ate like shit today lol). It was really a nice day... I didn't get a damn thing done or a penny earned work-wise and yet it was an awesome day. I love that about peace of mind and faith....

Prayer for Today...

JC/GOD/HP, thanks for an awesome day! Thanks for my sobriety and for giving me something to have faith in every day. I pray that I can get my business moving forward again and that I can accept the fact that things have ground to a halt. Thanks for the new fishkeeping hobby that my whole family enjoys. Thanks for the call to teach my faith to kids and to share my faith/recovery with the friends in AA.

peace to all of ya!

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psychbaby said...

Hiya Scott!
Just stopped by to see how you're doing!
c'ya soon,