Saturday, June 23, 2007

HP kicks in, like always!

I just awoke, got to sleep in a bit... Man, by the time I got home from "work" yesterday, I was in a pretty foul mood. I didn't really want to interact with the family and don't ya know the boy was on me like white on rice. So, there wasn't much isolation-opportunity there, lol. I gave in and went outside to play with him and putter round the yard at the same time. And, good old HP steps in and sends a alcoholic over, who had been visiting his in-laws across the street. He ambled over and we had a nice 15 minute chat about this that, the other thing. He's a retired realtor from the town where my office is, so we got to talk a bit of shop. Thing is, all we did was chat a lil bit, and it was enough to get me outta myself and get me feeling a little better. I went back to playing with Ian and we finished the evening outdoors with a little game of T-ball in the side yard.

I put work in " " as this past week was dead... Absolutely dead. And, I didn't use that time for much of any good purpose at all really. I dunno, I just wasn't up to it. I just didn't wanna do shit! lol so I didn't!. I really need to use this weekend to kick my motivation in the arse, leave my little "vacation" behind me and go shake the bushes a bit! I can't really afford any long lulls in the action! nuff said!

I am going to go sit outside on this slightly breezy, low 60's cloudy perfect morning for a bit 'o God time and a good read before I head out to the jail meeting. I haven't been able to get over there the past few Saturdays so I am ready! Then it's off to Country Fest, in a nearby community.... Food, crafts, rides for junior, music, entertainment, lot's of country... It kinda kicks off our "festival run" in the summer. Each community round here has it's own little festival throughout the summer, they are nice to hang out at!

Prayer for today...

God/HP/JC, thanks so very much for the visitor yesterday. Once again, you did for me what I could not do for myself! Please help me get me butt back in the work groove after my hiatus this past week. Please help me remember that there are plenty of people out there who need my honest help, they (and I) just don't know who they are lol. Help me to carry Your message today, and to give freely to those inmates what was freely given to me! God, I apologize for not getting to Mass last weekend, the lake was just too relaxing and enjoyable to leave... We'll be there Sunday morning.

may the peace of The Lord be with you all and God Bless!!


Pam said...

One alcoholic talking to's kinda magical how that works..ain't it?

Mary Christine said...

One drunk talking to another drunk - it really is magic.

vicariousrising said...

Seems like a great day after a rocky start. Country Fest sounds cool. I love being out of doors when the weather is so beautiful. Makes me grateful to be alive and sober.

Shannon said...

I love it when God just works in our lives.. we do always get just what we need. I love it, thanks for that reminder.

I can relate to the not wanting to do shit part too... LOL getting ready to just do it

Anonymous said...

love to you, bro.
u rock.