Wednesday, June 27, 2007

family... problem -vs- solution


Man, I got these peeps in my family, step-peeps actually... And sometimes, I really let 'em get to me (and so now you know where the fault lies if I am upset, lol per that little spiritual axiom in Step 10). God bless 'em, they're just being who they are, the way God made 'em and all but man, they can sure do things and act in ways that really piss me off! There are just some people who will not approve of most of what I do or say, and I will just have to deal with 'em! Ok, that's all the time I am giving to the problem.


Well now, let's see... avoid them at all costs?? Not terribly polite or pragmatic... tell them what I really think (complete with a loving evaluation of their progress in life thus far) of them? That's too messy, too much potential collateral damage (especially based on my last post about judging people...) How about, accept the fact that they are the way they are, and just let 'em be that way. I see them less than once a month and don't really talk to them on the phone or via e-mail all that often. So, I really think I should just go ahead and put the focus on me and what positive things I can bring to the relationship when I have to deal with 'em, and leave the rest up to HP!

Man, I love fishkeeping... It's not as easy as I thought it would be, but dang its addictive. If any of you peeps are into tropical fishkeeping (I am a freshwater kinda guy myself) hit my fishkeeping blog at getting tanked and check things out, add to what you see there, etc.

Prayer for today...

God/JC/HP, thanks for another wonderful, sober day! I am at times overwhelmed with the simple generosity and love you've shown me when I've turned from You so many times. Thank You for this gift, and I pray that I might show the same love, acceptance and compassion to those encounter in my travels (including those in my family I have difficulty with). I pray that I might remember that I am in business to help people. I make money by helping people, not by worrying about how much I can charge them and where my next deal is coming from. Please, take good care of my two sponsees, still out there somewhere, doing their thing. I pray that they might find the Grace to get back into recovery soon.

may the peace of our Lord, Christ Jesus be with you all...


Mary Christine said...

Good Luck with the family stuff.

sober Chick said...

I had an acceptance moment with one of my family members today. OMG I cannot tell you how releived I began to feel once this process began.

It is amazing that acceptance is key, just wish it was easy to just do.

vicariousrising said...

I'm trying to decide if there is a difference between acceptance of people who annoy me and more or less ignoring them, lol. I guess I am not quite there yet.

I wish I had advice on what to add to your tiger barbs in the tank. It's been too long. I think we had some tetras in with ours once upon a time.