Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday ramblings

Man, it got hot here today! Smokin' hot, and that's just fine with me! I love this weather a whole lot better than the cold grey blah of an Ohio winter. Bring on the sun, baby! Tonite I had my last YMCA swim nite with the kids, what a blast... I was tired (plenty of treading water in the deep end, lol) but I kinda wish there were a few more nites. It was actually kinda relaxing to go hang out with the kids after work. After that, I had to drop by one customer's house and pick up some paperwork and shoot the breeze with them and then stop by another customer's home, where they are building a new garage and deck, that we did the financing for. I put out a nice spiffy new "Financing Provided By..." sign in the front yard. They were kinda enough to let me do a little advertising, which is good cuz they are on the main drag in town, and I also have a "Zero Down Payment" sign in the yard of a home 2 doors down. Good exposure!

Last nite Ian hung out through my entire home group meeting which was really kool. He sat there quietly the whole hour and colored pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine. I was shocked at how quiet he was for an hour, very kool. Every time someone said I am so and so, and I am an alcoholic, he wold say hi with the rest of us and say thanks so and so, at the end of each share, it was funny. normall he just comes over with me to set up (I can walk to my home group!) and then hang out for a bit before the meeting starts. The guys really get a kick out of Ian. Ian calls them "our customers" it's funny. Last nite he had to hang out cuz mom was at physical therapy for her back/hip/leg. They prescribed Prednazone for her, she's not too happy about that but if it will help, she is willing to deal with the side effects. I/we appreciate all your prayers and well wishes for her. She's comin' along, I don't guess I will have to trade her in yet...

Last nite's topic was humility... I love talking about that on the heels of discussing Steps 4 and 5. I see humility as knowing the truth about Scott, knowing me for me, who and what I am, and where I am going and that I cannot grow by myself, I need the help of my HP, God. Humility builds in us as we work through each Step, staying sober day by day. It's funny, we get this dose of reality in a peaceful manner through our inventory and "confession" only to find out that our real trouble is fear. Or, re-defined... lack of faith. And the cure of course for a lack of faith is prayer, and taking a leap of faith which not only reqires humility, it creates humility. And so, we come full circle... We need it to get it (humility) and by getting it, we use it to get more and so forth... and it all comes from our defeat, admission of powerlessness, realization of the truth about ourselves and a willingness to grow with the help of AA and God! Good topic!

Prayer for tonite...

God, thank You for another sober, peaceful day. Thank You for the Grace to do some good for my family and my community and I pray that You continue to empower me to serve you a day at a time. I pray for Your Will and Grace for my neighbor Les and his wife. They are getting on in years and his health has been awful the past three yrs. He has been in the hospital again recently and she is a wreck without him. Thank You for helping my wife to recover from her pain and also for helping her see the positive side if things, thanks to that book "The Secret..." I am reading my copy now.

peace be with you all...


dAAve said...

Good stuff about which you write, Scott.
I may now try doing some Thomas the Tank Engine drawings too during the 12:15p meetings. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

I love watching kids kind of grow up in the rooms. It is very dear to me to have children at meetings.
One of my friends raised her kid in AA rooms. When she was about six or seven, she was at Sunday school and they all said the Lord's Prayer together (as best the could, of course). When it was over, my friends little girl immediately piped up, "Keep coming back. It works if you work it!" I get a real kick out of that story!
I love it that Ian calls people "Our customers." That is hilarious and also kinda true in a way -- we are each others customers for something that is freely given.
Glad to hear you are happy and doing well.
Peace, Scott,