Tuesday, June 05, 2007

tuesday news

loooooong day today, had a mandatory state mgrs meeting in columbus all day... went over compliance stuff and legal stuff zzzz... but I got home in time to surprize Ian with 9 holes of golf, shot a 45, made a birdie and a par even! I stuck 3 sand wedge shots within 3 ft... it was nice! He got to drive the cart and he really hit the ball pretty well on several occasions, he had a blast, and well so did I! It was nice getting outta the office all day but tomorrow could be on the insane side, catching up. It was worth it!

Last nite, I volunteered at the YMCA, helping to teach swim lessons to pre and grade school kids who's families can't normally afford them. The Optimist Club puts up $$ and volunteers for a week long swim camp at the local Y. It was an absolute blast! I go back on Thursday for another round of swim lessons... very kool! The kids have a ball!

This Saturday I get to play in a golf outing to raise money for our local FOP. That'll be fun! I love outings, lots of fun, no pressure... Free food, door prizes, wee hoo!

I took my wife to the doc and the hospital yesterday, her hip/leg was just killing her... we got her cortizone shots and lidacaine patches and set her up with a physical therapist... She is already feeling much better.... She has to take Darvacet... She doesn't liek that at all, but the pain is insane... so she is taking as directed..I hope this physical therapy will help, I have never seen her in so much pain, 'cept for when she had Ian. I hope and pray she gets throught this soon, she just went thru 2 root canals... She doesn't deserve this stuff too... It's her Cyatic nerve, pinched somehow, they arent sure how yet.

Prayer for today...

God, please keep me sober just for today. I pray that I might use this gift of sobriety to help others. Please hlep me remember that I am here to serve You and those about me. Please help me go the extra mile for my clients, and treat each of them fairly and give them the best service I can. Thank You for the gift of Your Son, that we're redeeemd through His Sacrifice. I pray that I might do things that please You and not disappoint you. But, I know I am not perfect and I am grateful for Your Forgiveness and Mercy. Thank You for this day and all Your Blessings!

peace be with you all!


Shannon said...

Hey Scotty, I am praying for your wife too, I hope she gets to feeling better. LOL I just love you stories about the adventures of you and IAN. He is lucky to have such a good dad. Have a great day

Mary Christine said...

Sciatica is extremely painful. God Bless Mrs. Scott... I hope she feels better soon.

You do so many things for the good of your community, you really are an inspiration.

Kari Sullivan said...

Thank you for being such a loving husband to your wife and such an awesome example to the rest of us.

Peace out!