Sunday, June 03, 2007

reading habits (I LOVE books and reading)

Lounge Daddy tagged me the other day to share my reading habits. I took inventory and counted 144 books. I have some more from college in storage in the garage, that might bring the total to 160 maybe. I'd say at least a third of them of them are self-help/spirituality books. And, a full 20-25% are sales/business/motivation books. I've recently begun my collection of books on Catholicism and Christianity. I have a couple dozen "fantasy" books, several coffee table books on art, sports and travel. I've got a handful of philosphy books, a few classics and some poetry. The books from college are from some of my education and music classes, and a stack of books from my Choldren's Literature class. I'm not one for novels really, mostly non-fiction, fantasy and books of a spiritual nature. I own three bibles and the entire Catholic Missal.

The last book I read would be "The Catholic Way." I am still working on a couple others, my newest acqusition "The New Catholic Answer Bible" and The Lamb's Supper, The Mass as Heaven on Earth by Scott Hahn, great stuff! I have a tendency to get too many going at once so I have put a few away for future reading and am trying to focus my efforts on finishing the Hahn book. Interestingly enough, my wife has ordered me a copy of "The Secret" so I can read it and we can discuss it. She is really anxious to share what she's gotten from the book and I am anxious to share it with her! We never do stuff liek that so I am looking forward to it! My copy ought to arrive this week.

5 books that mean a lot to me:

1.) Alcoholic Anonymous
2.) The New Catholic Answer Bible
3.) The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit -J.R.R.Tolkein (these really count as one in my mind)
4.) 12 Steps and 12 Traditions
5.) Little Golden Book of YES Attitude -Jeffery Gitomer (if you need help with a positive attitude, oh man this is a great one!)

Since I cannot choose just 5, here's a couple runners up:

6.) A Wrinkle in Time -Madeleine L'Engle (read as a kid in school, was awesome!)
7.) The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People -Steven Covey (awesome!)
8.) The Sermon on the Mount -Emmet Fox
9.) The Dark Elf Trilogy (and later books in the series) -R.A.Salvatore (2nd only to Tolkein in fantasy writing in my opinion!!)
10.) A History of Western Music -Donald Grout (lived with it for the first two yrs of music school, it was nearly my undoing...)

So, there ya have it! My reading habits... I dont think the internet (as awesome as it is) will ever replace my craving for books! And I am a magazine reader as well, but that's another post!

Thanks Lounge daddy for a fun project on a rainy nite in Ohio! I tag Scott W. and Rexie

Prayer for tonite...

God/JC/HP, I am grumpy, lol! I have been with Ian pretty solid now since I walked in the door from work Friday, and since my wife is dying of some leg/hip affliction, I still have custody of him lol Help me to be tolerant for another hour! Then I can have some good old quiet time. Thanks for a fun (however insane) weekend with the boy, we had a nice visit with my family! Please help me to not get too crazy this week with my busy schedule. I pray that You can help my wife find some relief tomorrow at her doc's office for this leg/hip/nerve nightmare she is going through. I pray that I don't make her any more miserable than she already is!

peace be with you all!


Mary Christine said...

Sober Dads are really a miracle.

lushgurl said...

Cool collections! I agree with MC, sober dads are the BEST!
love and HUGS

vicariousrising said...

Neat book choices. I'm trying to convince my 12-year-old to read A Wrinkle in Time. I also loved 7 Habits... read that one long before I got into any sort of recovery stuff. Found it very helpful.

I'll help you pray for easing of your grumpiness :)

Anonymous said...

Cool book list.
There is a priest here in Nashville who is also in recovery and several of the Catholic recovery people go to see him often. Seems like a cool thing for those who are Christian, Catholic, and perhaps struggling with all of it....
just thought I'd share that with you.
And one more thing -- agreed with all above. Sober Dads rock!