Wednesday, July 18, 2007

been a strange sorta week...

Well, my meeting with the banker went well yesterday morning, I have another meeting today with the boss of the gentleman I met with yesterday. It's exciting to have an opportunity to improve my situation, especially when I wasn't even looking for anything. Oddly enough, I searched and searched for a couple years for the "ideal" career move until I found the situation I have now. Here I am doing my thing, minding my own business and along come what could prove to be an even better career situation... It kinda baffles the mind!

Oddly enough (it's been a pretty freaky several days lol) yesterday was the 1 yr anniversary of opening the doors to my office. There was no confetti, no marching bands, no picnics or fireworks, just a job interview with a local competitor.

My dad and I spoke yesterday, filled him in on the bank thing and when I finished with that, he informed me that his sister had called late last week to tell him that his older brother had died a couple weeks ago. Evidently Uncle R had gotten sick and been taken to the hospital where he passed, all alone. It took the county two weeks to find my aunt who then called my dad, etc. Man, I mean how sad is that, to die alone, anonymous? Uncle R had had a serious drinking and drugging problem and never got sober, he had heart problems and lung problems. He was only 62 or 63 and alone in the world. He was an incredible musician as a youngster, was supremely intelligent and personable, and this disease kept him from realizing any dreams or living a productive, happy life. He had 4 kids, none of whom could or can be located... How sad is that? And even more, how much of a bummer is it that my dad said he wished he'd been more upset by the news... Man, now there's an illustration of what this disease does to families. Thankfully, my dad is 18 yrs sober, although he no longer attends AA, hasn't for quite some time. My dad's dad was a raging alcoholic, as is/was his little sister and other brother. So, I guess I come by this disease quite naturally.

Prayer for today...

God/HP/JC, thank You for Your gift and Grace of continued sobriety. Thank You for my family, for the fact that we're together and on speaking terms. I pray that no more of my family must die alone, and I ask that You please watch over uncle R, and finally put an end to his misery. I pray for my dad that he might find peace in his heart and find a way to make sense of how his family ended up the way it did. I pray that I might never be the one to let relationships seteriorate to the point of losing touch that badly. Please watch over my family and friends, I pray for Your Will and Grace for all those I come in contact with, including my blogger buds and anyone out there suffering from this awful disease. Thank You, Thank You for Your glorious abundance of health, wealth and joy in my life. You are the Giver of Life and of all things Good and I am eternally grateful to You.

may the peace of Christ be with you all!

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