Tuesday, July 17, 2007

exciting day today!

I get to explore a new opportunity today! Last week, a representative from one of the banks in town (#2 bank in the US) called outta the blue, recruiting for a mortgage originator/loan officer position. He told me that several people (mostly realtors and bankers in town) had told him to call me for the position. Well, of course, that made me feel pretty damn good. I ended up on the phone for an hour on that original call with the Mortgage Division Mgr for Ohio. Needless to say, we had quite a nice chat and it sounds like a pretty nice upgrade from what I am doing now. Well, today I meet with this guy and the gentleman I would report to should I get/take this position. Evidently it's a job interview, lol they asked me to bring my resume.

I am the type of person to always be on the lookout for a better situation (within reason). I don't go around interviewing for every job in the paper but I am not about to blow something like this off jsut because I run my own place, am "king of the castle" etc. The office is doing ok, not nearly as busy as I would have liked to be but ok. I am not in the red, have got all the $$ I put into it to start it up and cover some expenses and even gotten a little profit. I'd say that's doing something in a small town market in a slowing RE market in a very unfriendly mortgage broker environment (Ohio has become very tough to operate in for mortgage brokers). That's been my biggest challenge, to get over the whole mortgage broker thing. It's like we have some sort of virus (ok, go ahead for those of you who dislike us, lol). We're lumped in there with used car guys and attorneys and well, realtors lol. Mainly because we should be... There's been a TON of mortgage fraud and predatory lending perpetrated upon borrowers by brokers. So, I understand completely. However, it has been a lot of scratching and clawing for each deal and frankly, I wouldn't mind the whole bank-walkin-instant credibility-trust thing! Plus, most of the bankers in the area barely have a pulse, lack initiative to go out and get those important realtor relationships developed and with my hunger and network, I can make the most out of the bank thing. So, I am going to go interview and find out more about the gig. I am most definitely open to hanging out the closed sign, calling the new office venture a success and shutting it down in an effort to improve my career.

So, what does this have to do with recovery and things spiritual? Well, what with reading "The Secret" and practicing the principles surrounding the Law of Attraction, I have been focussing on attracting abundance in health, wealth, success, joy, peace, growth, etc. And well, this whole thing came right outta the blue, as a result of the networking I have been doing over the past year with my new business. So, I have to believe there's a divine hand in here somewhere, call it God, call it the Law of Attraction, call it the result of doing good work and good business in my community. It all adds up to a well timed little bit of excellent opportunity that could certainly lead to more abundance for my family and me. Interesting as I have just begun the whole Law of Attraction things, somewhat skeptically, I might add lol. I have discovered that there's just nothing wrong with having success and wealth, even though so much of what we hear in society says otherwise. I believe that it's all in what you do with you success and wealth. My thing is to share it with others and help them to achieve high levels of success and wealth... I intend to be a good steward of any material success I achieve. I think that has everything to do with recovery and the spirit.

Prayer for today...

God/HP/JC, thanks in advance for an excellent interview today. And thanks so much for this opportunity. I pray that I might represent myself well and accurately, and continue to enjoy this process. Thanks for the gift of continued sobriety and peace of mind. I pray that I might continue to share this gift with those about me. I pray for the much needed rain for our farmers. It has been the driest summer we've had in I don't know how long and the farmers need rain to get the crops going. I fear it may be a little too late for an abundant harvest but I'll ask anyway. I pray for Your Will and Grace for my brother and his family, their new baby. Thanks for delivering Nathan safely to us and I pray that we all take good care of him and his entire family.

may the peace of Christ be with you all!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck for whichever way its supposed to turn out!
Peace, Scott,

Scott W said...

To me all that is called doing the next right thing. When we are on a spiritual path every choice either propels us forward or slows us down. I try to project thoughts of having so I can have that experience.

ukok said...

Hey, I made it here with out a diversion to that wierd biblical site. Hoorah!

God Bless you!

dAAve said...

I think the potential new position has EVERYTHING to do with recovery. You are no longer pinned down to a certain job. Today, you have choices.