Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been tagged!

Wow, kool! I haven't been tagged in a long time :-) Thanks for taggin' me lushgirl :-)

8 Random things about me, hmm....

Random thing #1: I love to drive long distances alone... When I went to Houston for training last spring, I opted to drive by myself and loved every minute of it!

Random thing #2: I suffer from an addiction to ice cream (and well, to pretty much anything that brings me pleasure/happiness)

Random thing #3: I have been known to cry or at least get misty over a touching commercial (parades make me a little emotional too, go figure!)

Random thing #4: As much as I love people, I crave my personal quiet time. My knee jerk reaction nearly every time the phone rings is to be annoyed. (working on this one, it doesn't jive too well with the whole life long sales career lol)

Random thing #5: I am really ok with not being around my family (parents, step parents, step siblings, etc.) I love them, even more now that I live 2 hrs away from them all.

Random thing #6: I have found that being an active member of the Catholic Church is just as challenging and difficult as I was afraid it would be. (not because it's "hard" or "demanding" or "unfair" but because there is so much to learn, do and keeping myself on an active faith journey of growth takes more effort than I sometimes wish to give)

Random thing #7: My HP, God as I understand him is really ok with me just as I am. I know He only wants me to be close to him, live in such a way that I am in concordance with His Will. He made me so that I would seek Him and join Him and return his uncondtional love to Him.

Random thing #8: I have a Webkin, his name is Cameron, he is a Clydesdale, I play with him every day and I hope to have more of them to play with. There, I said it :-)

Ok, so now we're a little further on into the dark recesses of my mind, lucky you! lol Thanks Lushgirl! I am still hoping more peeps will accept my tag to exchange postcards from their hometowns with me. So far, I have got one really great one :-)

placing myself in the presence of God...

God, thank You for this continual renewal of my daily repreive. I pray that I might continue to follow Your Will, turning over my drinking problem each day, all day. This is the only way I know how to live sober and to good purpose. Thank You, Thank You for the new job. It is a relief not to be the one and only person upon whom all things depend with regard to the success of my business. I can just learn how to do things the way they've had success doing them, and then just go do it. Yay, simplicity! And, I can help ALOT more people than I have ever been able to help in my career. That's really great, thanks HP! Thank You for calling me to teach kids about You and Your Grace. I am scared, but looking forward to teaching!

may the Peace of Christ be with you all!


Pam said...

I am right with you on #4, and I'm working on it also.

Mary Christine said...

What the heck is a webkin?

Mary Christine said...

I was going to send you an e-mail, but I don't think I have your e-mail address?

Namenlosen Trinker said...

What is a webkin? Must be some kind of horse if it's a Clydesdale.... Am I right?