Thursday, September 06, 2007

I gotta share this...

Last nite was a bit of a trip. After work, I dashed over to my home group and set up, then we had a special Mass for the first week of CCD (religious ed) for all the families and students. Well after Mass, I am out there jibber jabbering with some people and this gal tells me how she heard me play a few weeks ago with the dance band, and how she cried when she heard me play the trombone solo with the band on"Over the Rainbow." Well, I about passed out, didn't really know what to say, other than to thank her and tell her how much I enjoy playing. As we're talking, this other guy (another convert to Catholicism and really spiritual guy, teacher.. someone I "look up to") tells me how he learns something new from me almost everytime he hears me share in prayer group or when he was teaching in RCIA last year. That really blew me away. Here I had been having a pretty average day at work, was in good spirits, came home to a not so well spirited wife, and barely avoided being a complete ass to her, only to sit through Mass half steaming at her, half pissed at myself, and not well connected with God, and afterwards, these two people out of nowhere are both sharing what an effect I have recently had upon them. Now who doesn't love to hear how they've helped or effected people in a positive way? I guess I just really needed to hear that, right at that point in the evening. It just feels good I guess to occasionally have someone acknowledge what I am doing, and notice some of the positive things about me. The best part was that it caught me off guard and left me feeling very humble and grateful to God for the gifts he continues to bestow upon me. Being as the focus of the Mass was on the new religious ed year, I was really nervous about starting my first year teaching. I was really feeling confident after I left there to hit my home group meeting. They left me feeling like I have a lot to share with those kids and I will be good at it. I really needed that little shot in the arm. And so, I thank my HP for putting me where I needed to be last nite (and for reminding me during Mass last nite that even though Mass is incredible, important, etc I still need my AA meetings...) to share with those folks, and maybe get a little positive feedback. After all, they were really complimenting God and His miracle of recovery. I just happen to be the manifestation of that miracle. I pray that God continues to use me for His good works.

placing myself in God's presence...

God, please keep me sober today. Everything good in my life depends on whether or not I take the first dirnk or drug. Thank You for giving me the strength to choose sobriety today. Thank You for using me as Your Servant and messenger. I pray that I might continue to work to make myself fit to receive Your Will and pass it on. Please be with my grandma as she deals with her cancer and the procedure to remove it. Please be with me as I learn my new job, as I try to be a better husband and dad, and as I begin my journey as Your teacher.

may the peace of Christ be with you all!


ukok said...

Scott, I loved the honesty of this post. And I love that you received such praise for the talents that God has blessed you with :-)

Shannon said...

That rocks Scott! I think it was what you needed to hear and feel. right on, I can imagine you playing the trombone of somewhere over the rainbow, and bringing tears to my eyes.
I am glad to hear the new job is going well. : )
Have a great night, or morning when you read this

Pam said...

great stuff scott!
I wonder why we are always so surprised when people say good stuff to us?

Gwen said...

I love to hear things like that. It is amazing when they happen. I know how full you must have felt at that moment. That is when things really make sense.

Service to others is obvious in your post.

God bless you Scott!!

Happy Friday,

Scott W said...

The program of AA prepares us for all kinds of experiences. All we need to do is work our program to the best of our abilities and God takes care of the rest. Thanks for sharing.