Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday miscellany

It has been kinda tough getting used to getting up early each morning but I am getting there, lol. Being my own boss did have it's advantages! However, this bank thing overall is a major upgrade. As I go through the various stages of training, I can see clearly that I definitely made the right decision and even more clearly that this career move was provided by HP. There's no doubt in my mind He had His hands all over this one!

The trip to Toledo was fun for Ian and me. Sun nite, we were in dowtown Toledo, had dinner and stayed for their Labor Day Fireworks. We were along the river, right beside the launching place and wow, what a view of some seriously butt kicking fireworks! You could actually get a breeze off of the larger ones as they exploded, it was an amazing way to literally experience fireworks! Ian loved it. Monday, I took Ian to the zoo on the way home. He's always in such a rush to race through and then buy a dang souvenier, lol sheesh. I guess it's the 5 yr old in him, lol.

I had commented last week that I was in a bit of a quandry about this sponsee of mine who has begun to come back around the meetings. Well,I finally called him to say hey and see how he's doing. of course everything is "fine" and all that jazz, he sounded pretty good. He assured me that I would be seeing him at meetings, etc and that he would call me to hook up. I was glad to hear him say all that but this is a "show me" type program, not a tell me program. So, we'll see what happens. I hope for his sake that he is serious this time. I'll certainly be here for him when he wants help, and I made him aware of that. However, I am not going to chase him around or attempt to make him do anything. The action part of the program is on him. I know of no one who got their repreive from this awful disease a moment before they were ready to do some things first. AA is for people who want it and are willing to go to any length to get it, not for people who simply need it. Otherwise, you couldn't find an empty chair in a meeting!


God, please help me stay sober just for today. Help me keep my mind open and alert while I learn all about my new job. Thanks again for this marvellous opportunity. As always, you've had a plan all along that had I know about it in advance, I would've probably come up with some "better idea." Thank You for revealing this in Your time! I pray for Your Will, Grace and Strength for my grandma and our family. Her biopsy came back as cancerous. It sounds like they can get it all and it shouldn't pose a threat to her life but she'll have to go through some pretty unpleasant stuff. Please be with her/us!

may the peace of Christ be with you all!!


Shannon said...

good morning Scott, thanks for coming by. I dig ya too : )
It sounds like you and Ian had a great time! Bayleigh is the same way at the zoo or any place like that ahahhaa
hope Ian has a great 1st day in kindergarden

Mary Christine said...

Your description of the fireworks is wonderful! I felt like I was there.

dAAve said...

Same here regarding chasing sponsee's down.
No way, no how.