Saturday, September 22, 2007

very funny, God!

lol, God has a sense of humor after all! A few days ago I was pining/whining at my lack of readership and "commentship." Well, it seems that I have attracted another one of those AA bashing, self proclaimed "Christians" who seems bent on leaving as many long, nasty non-christian like comments on my blog as he can find. I knew as I was posting my whine the other day I ought to just keep my mouth shut about attracting more readers who leave comments. lol, ok God, I got the message, accept whatcha get and work on just sharing Your Word and my experiences! It's alot like praying for patience, lol... every try that? I do not recommend it! I am just grateful that I am free from hate and at peace with my life.


sobriety, the AA way
my wife, son and doggie
fresh hot coffee this morning
my men's prayer group this morning
the jail mtg this morning
my new career at the bank
new work clothes that fit right and look good
that I can simply delete comments I don't care for
my simple understanding of God, His Son the Holy Spirit and AA
teaching again
my Fri morning Optimist Club
September weather
for the patience and tolerance I am slowly developing

the list goes ever on...

placing myself in God's loving embrace:

HP, JC, God, thank You for the fullness of life I have today! I know that everything good in my life comes through and from You. I know that it all depends on staying sober. Please help me to remember to get a card for my grandma today, and send it off, letting her know how much we love her and that we hope she gets well soon. I pray that I might work to be of service, especially to my wife and son. It's easy to forget that.

God Bless all who visit here!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad - he went trolling over to my site also, and even fired off an e-mail to be ta' boot!

But a definite "ask an ye shall receive" moment, eh?

Pam said...

I think I have the only site he has not visited. I feel left out ;)
I'm happy things are going well for you...cave man :)

ukok said...

Scott, oh yes, I know exactly what you mean about a lack of comments. I started out just blogging to myself with very little feedback at all and that really bugged me because even when I left comments on other peoples sites, they never seemed to leave one back on mine! LOL!

But after years of bloggin' I've come to build up blog friendships with people and we kind of drift into one anothers blog lives like real friends come and go and come back again.

If I don't comment, it isn't because I'm not reading. I have you listed in Bloglines so I get to read your posts even if I don't visit or comment. I may not have the time to visit, and sometimes I may want to, but something in real time happens that prevents me from doing so and then my head is like a sieve and I forget everything but my own name......and that's the truth!

There are a LOT of anonymous blog readers. Your words could be touching lives that you know nothing about. Yes, it's nice for people to let you know, but for whatever reason, it doesn't always happen.

Just a thought or two :-)