Friday, October 26, 2007

collecting, picking...

Wed nite for CCD, the jr high kids trick or treated for canned goods to be collected and given to a food pantry in the next town over. We got 1638 canned goods in about 45 mins. My class happened to collect the most at 494, winning them a pizza party. We decided to just give them all a pizza party since they beat last year's number by so much. Frankly, I think it's a sad commentary on our society today, that we have to bribe kids with food, to get them to collect food for the less fortunate. There will be a discussion/presentation/reminder of why we go out and collect food during the pizza party. Maybe we ought to invite some homeless people to join us.

Well my step-family is at it again, pissing off my wife, which means nothing but joy for me, lol. We had to ahve a discussion about a baby shower my wife was invited to, for a step-cousin of mine she doesn't even know, who I barely know. My step mom is militant about family get togethers, militant about the family spending time together, and equally as militant about people not mattering if they are technically not your family. Now wait a minute... (yes, the old double standard!) lol I never requested that these people come into my previously peaceful life. My dad made that decision for me when I was 14 and he married her. Ever since, I have been subject to her notion of family, like it or not. And now it causes problems in my marriage because my wife simply cannot handle stuff like that. So, I get put in the middle. Being the consummate people pleaser I am well... you can begin to see the joy this brings about. We ended up having a candid discussion about family, the holidays, etc. It basically has become this cloud of tension whenever it's time to visit with my family, whatever the occasion. And frankly, it's pissing me off and there's not a damn thing I am do about it except endure the bullshit.

So, I pray, go to meetings, endure... But finally last nite, I got to put all my cards on the table, respectfully, thoughtfully even if a bit intensely. I don't guess it will change anything with my wife's attitude (although I did hear her admit that she does want everything her way all the time, nearly causing me to choke on the ice cream I was eating). Here's to progress, and picking one's battles. Last nite I picked, and there was no battle. How nice is that?

yay God!


Sylvia said...

Nice and I agree, yay God. Have a good weekend.


Saluti dall'Italia!

Pam said...

Well in my opinion....not knowing ANYTHING about the situation, your wife is "primary family"..everyone else is secondary. Harmony first at home, then harmony in the next tier of the family ladder.

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Gwen R said...

Great job can collecting!

I can relate to the family stuff. We stopped going anyplace on Christmas because it ruined it having to deal with all the yuckiness.