Tuesday, October 23, 2007

so far so good

Well, the carpentry is going well... no cuts, no bruises, no lost limbs.... safety glasses worn, tool belts worn, it's all good. The lumber is cut and primed. Assembly/painting will be forthcoming...

Tonite was pumpkin carving nite at our place... They turned out pretty dang well, I think! I'll take some pics and share them... It is definitely fall now, windy rainy, colder (highs in the 50's) and the leaves are turning rapidly now... I love fall, for the smells, the colors, the lack of humidity. But, I am NOT looking forward to the long cold, wet, chilly windy Ohio winter. We don't get that huge snowfall/arctic hell that others get, we jsut get 5-6 months of mostly grey drab glooy-esque days that seem to have no end.

I had a decent first month on my own at work, closed more biz than the others in my training group, so that's kool lol. We'll see how November shapes up, looking a little bleak thus far.

We got our tickets to Phoenix yesterday. My wife's brother offered to fly us out there for Christmas, what a nice treat! He has a trillion air miles and ended up getting up our tickets for next to nothing... very kool! We'll be out there from 12/20-12/30. So, that'll be a nice hot sunny respite from the winter doldrums.

All in all, not much to report... I ams ettling back intot he routine after the road trip last week, got caught up on sleep over the weekend and I am back in form, such that it is lol


God, help me remember that I am here to serve You and those around me. Please help me be a good solid example of AA and sobriety to anyone I meet. I pray that things go well tomorrow for my Grandma and her cancer surgery. Please be with her, with my family as she goes through this. Thank you for fall, family, pumpkins and a good job!

peace be with you all!

(mc, I've been to that place ya went for your retreat... truly breathtaking and inspiring! thanks... :-) )


dAAve said...

Just letting you know I'm watching!

Sylvia said...

Bring shorts when you visit Phoenix at Christmas. That is one of the neat things about living here is the good weather (except for a couple of months).