Tuesday, October 16, 2007

happy birthday to me :-)

yep, today is the real #39! (that's years old, for those of you playing the home edition!)

Actually... I am fine with it, next year will be 40 and I am fine with that too! Birthdays are great with this alcoholic, because I get alot of attention from other people. As a self centered alcoholic, I think this is pretty nifty. Of course, the part of me with lingering doubt and self estem issues can't stand the attention but, the ego wil cover that, lol! I've always that that as alcoholics, we're ego maniacs with inferiority complexes!

On a sad note, my uncle passed away yesterday at the tender age of 51. He was the kool uncle that mom and dad wouldn't let me spend too much un-supervised time with. He was a verile man's man, with motocycles, a drum set, a boat and the ability to catch fish anywhere, anyplace. He had a constant sparkle in his eye, and was ready with a witty joke or comeback at all times. He finally lost his long battle with COPD yesterday, an awful way to die. I am grateful to God for taking him, ending his suffering. He was in alot of pain, and therefore on a TON of morphine, barely ever lucid. I hadn't seen my uncle in 20+ yrs. but we talked every now and then. You see, I was sober and he was not. I'll miss my kool uncle, my he find eternal rest at last in the arms of the Lord.

prayer for today...

Thanks for another sober day, and another awesome year alive, wow! I have so much to be grateful for,and yet I am a bit sad over the passing of my uncle. I am grateful to You for ending his suffering, but what an awful way to go home to you. Help me remember him in his prime, and celebrate the happy memories I have. And please help me not to feel too guilty about not making time to see him.

peace be with you all...


Pam said...

Happy Birthday to you (swaying back and forth)
Happy Birthday to you (sang loudly with a big smile)
Happy Birthday dear Scott (arms wide open, making a fool, singing loudly)

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday from me too! Oh, and I LOVED being 40! Being a sober 40 is a wonderful thing.

ukok said...

Many Happy Returns of the day, Scott!

dAAve said...

Happy Birthday Mr Scott.
Ain't it GREAT to have the opportunity to grow older? And I mean grow!
Sorry about your uncle. These things happen.

Sylvia said...

Happy Birthday a day late. Your comments about your uncle dying at 51 with COPD, really hit me hard. I am 64 and was diagnoised (forgive the spelling) about 4 years ago. In addition, I am so stupid that I have not stopped smoking and I think I am getting somewhat worse and am afraid to go to the doctor to find out. How's that for stupidity.

vicariousrising said...

Happy birthday!

And I am so sorry to hear about your uncle.