Sunday, November 25, 2007

meeting makers make it!

Yesterday morning, we had a great jail meeting. All five inmates are men that I believe are truly trying to make a change. They all seem sincere and have been coming regularly over the past couple months. My yung atheist friend was there, and shared. We talked alot about the importance of just making sure we get to meetings if we want to stay sober. We talked alot about theimprotance of keeping it simple and keeping recovery our #1 priority. It got me thinking...

I dunno how many times this happened, especially early on but it was like every time I brought a problem to the meeting, the answer I got most often was "keep coming back." Man, that used to piss me off! "I mean hey, I got lady problems, money problems, parent problems, etc." "And, all you people can come up with is keep coming back??" lol Well, that's exactly the solution. As long as I keep coming back, I have a chance to stay sober. And, if I can stay sober, I can solve all my other problems. For me, it all begins with sobriety. Everything else is a result. Everything good in my life has come from my magnificent HP, a result of staying sober. I know in my heart of hearts that I cannot drink socially, and that for me to begin drinking means the loss of everything good in my life. It might take awhile, might come quickly but in time I will be right back where I was when I came in to AA, and probably much worse in a short time.

An interesting side note to a family rant a couple weeks back... We went to visit my side of the family for Turkey Day and it was amazingly uneventful. So, there ya go, color me surprised and reminded that projecting doesn't pay off!

Prayer for today...

God, thank You for my sobriety and health. Thank You for the abundance of good things You continue to provide me and my family. I pray for Your Will and Grace for my grandma as she works through her cancer treaments. I pray that You're there for my inmate friends, sick alkies/addicts, blogger friends, family, etc like You were/are for me. All I had/have to do was reach out and grab the Grace You offered/continue to offer. Thank You for showing me that You're here for eveyone, always. Please use me to make Mass more enjoyable this morning with Your musical gifts.

May the peace of Christ be with you all!!


Scott W said...

That surprised color looks good on you!

Pam said...

I remind you all the time to stay in the day....not my fault you're bull headed and won't listen :)

Keep coming back used to piss me off too, now I say it all the time.

Shannon said...

lol she reminds me too!!!!!
you sound really good!
Happy waaay after Thanksgiving!

Sober Chick said...

Thank GOD for those words "Keep Coming Back." Crap I would be drunk in a meeting and was told to Keep Coming Back. If it weren't for this fellowship, oh I cannot even imagine how lifeless I would be running my life to the ground.

Learning to not have expectations, geez that is challenging. I too did that this past Sat by praying to God to help me get to a meeting in Arizona. It was scary but once the people started talking, I knew it is exactly where God wanted me to be. Now if God could just do that all the time to the chatter in the head :)

I am glad you had a wonderful uneventful Holiday. That is a gift in itself!