Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Morning has broken... So has my mind lol! I am so busy with work right now, which considering I do mortgage loans for a large national bank and it's the Holiday season, I am fairly surprised and quite pleased, however frazzled. It's good to be busy, trying to get a bunch of deals booked prior to leaving for Phoenix on the 20th for 10 days (YAY!) But, it's alot to manage, being fairly new and all. I had no idea how difficult this job was going to be. Working for a huge company, there's so much politicking between the two local bank branches I work in, lol. I work for a couple of uber competitve micromanaging control freaks, in a hyper-sales environment. That ain't what this alkie needs lol. So far, I am managing to stay outta the BS for the most part. That's one benefit to being busy, no time to get into the drama, YAY! lol

Tonite will be our first lesson on Advent at CCD. I've got a couple dynamite recordings of O Come, O Come Immanuel we can listen to as we discuss and share how we prepare for the coming of our Lord and Saviour. I am also starting a (hopefully fun) new weekly feature... "Saint of the week." My Patron Saint, Andrew the Apostle is celebrated with a feast day on nov 30th each year. So, we'll start with him. Each week we'll cover another saint. I think I will have the kids each do their patron saint as we go through the weeks of class. I think it's a good way to learn about someone who lived a good life, striving to be close to JC.

Last week, we went to Toledo Wed nite for TG. Well, that's homegroup nite for me. I got this voicemail with several recognizeable voices doing the Serenity Prayer. I knew it was my homegroupies. What never occurred to me was that they were outside on the front stopp of the meeting place, in the rain, locked out, trying to put a humorous slant on the fact that I neglected to give the key to anyone or tell them I was outta town, or open up before leaving... Let me just say that... ya know you're too busy when, your home group members have to call your cell and leave a voicemail sharing the SP with you as they munch snacks outside in the cold rain. Wow, oops.... I'll be taking a big 10th Step tonite!


Thanks for another sober morning, for a great job, lots of business, health, the upcoming Holidays and vacation, the opportunity to share my faith with young people. I pray that I might remember that I am here to serve You and those about me. I pray that I might remember that I need not get stressed out over work stuff. It'll be there tomorrow and I am not the center of the mortgage universe, nor are my customers lol. I bet I get a lot more accomplished in the long run with that attitude!

may the peace of Christ be with you all!


dAAve said...

Enjoy the frazzle!!

Pam said...

came by
to say hi.
carry on.

Rex said...

Hope you and yours have a joyous and blessed holiday season!