Thursday, January 31, 2008

booooring CCD teacher lol

lol, my poor 8th graders... As we get closer to Lent and begin Confirmation preparations, I thought it would be a good time for a lesson on Saint Paul's conversion to the Christian Faith. So, we read about how Saint Paul was blinded by a vision of our Lord, and how Annanais came and healed him as was foretold by the Lord, and so forth. We watched a short video depiction, and read a few large chunks of Scripture, and a story of Paul's travels in our books. Well, I thought it was pretty interesting and of course, a well planned lesson. Well, let me tell you this: 8th graders are not the easiest bunch of people to get excited about such things lol. It wasn't awful and they didn't behave badly or anything, I think that is was a case of my expectations being higher than they ought to have been lol. Hopefully a couple of them learned a little bit more about what it was like to be a Christian way back when. It sure is alot easier to be Catholic today, and our conversion to the faith and our faith journeys hopefully won't end with martyrdom like the lives of the Apostles and early Saints and disciples.

The guys at my home group last nite brought in some good eats to help celebrate my recent anniversary... We had deer bratwurst and cupcakes, and little nut covered cherry cheescake squares... Yummo! And besides all that, we had a great little meeting! I'm blessed to be surrounded by such great AA friends and family!

God, I give thanks and praise to You today for Your Grace in my life. Without You there would be nothing for me. I pray that I might continue my efforts to slow down a bit, and not get so flustered with things at work. I pray that I might not let certain people get to me today. I must remember that I am first and foremost here to serve You and those I come in ocntact with today. I pray that I might live by the ideas contained in the Prayer of St. Francis today...

peace be with you all!


Adrienne said...

"Apostles and early Satins and disciples."

Scott - was that a Freudian slip??

8th graders are the pits. I have the 7th - 12th graders all gathered up in the same room for CCD.

What usually makes the job harder is, in many cases, all they have done until we get them is color pictures and make felt banners. Without any knowledge (can you say memorization) there is nothing to even engage them in discussion.

You just do the best you can and hope that at least one of them got at least one thing.

Mary Christine said...

I don't think it is that much easier today. Really.

catholicandgop said...

My kindergarten and first graders don't seem particularly interested in what I'm telling them either. All they want to do is color.