Monday, January 28, 2008

12 years today!

12 years ago yesterday, I had my last drink, although I didn't know it at the time. It was at Frankie's (a bar in Toledo, and no it wasn't across from the depot, and I dont know any girl named Lucille) on the East Side where my band was playing and I wasn't going to be drinking that day... I found myself getting stoned before I recalled my pledge of that morning and well, from that point, it was on... again.

I didn't get to my first meeting until my 7th day sober, but again, I didn't know or believe I was an alcoholic, nor was I really sure I was quitting drinking and drugging. I was just trying to be helpful to my younger step bro (also named Scott) who REALLY had a problem. So, for a time he and I shared sobriety dates... But, I always call him on mine (even though his life has taken a different path from mine) to thank him for pointing me into my first AA meeting (along with my dad...)

So, today marks only another day, but it does have an old familiar memory to it, more so than on other days! Everything in my life depends upon me not taking that first drink. As enveloped as I become in all the other important things in my life, I must remember this!

HP, thank You for another day and for a sum total of exactly 12 years sober! I know that my relationship with You is numero uno and it is only through that relationship that I am able to grasp the gift of Grace that keeps me sober a day at a time. Everything good in my life has come from You, from Your love for me as Your Child. I pray that I might be able to pass some of that along to those I meet each day. Thank You to You and to all my AA friend and family online and off!

may the peace of our Lord be with you all...


One Drunk to Another said...

YAY!!! Scott, it's wonderful to know you in a virtual sense in this program. Thank God for another year sober!!!


ukok said...

I don't know you really very well, but I do feel such pride for you. That you have stuck by your decision to not drink anymore.

I can only imagine what a struglle that must have been for you over the years. I thought it was tough giving up smoking, but alchohol...well it just doesn't compare really. Alcoholism ruins whole family's. Smoking kills sure enough, but the day to day living of living with a smoker compared to a drinker, well it's incomparable really isn't it.

Well done, Scott. May God continue to bless you as you join with Christ in your own sacrifice. Offer it all up to God, that's all we can do with our sufferings, our trials, and hope that he can put them to better use than we can.


Pam said...


As the "real" old timers would say "12, is a good start" ;)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations. You have alot to be proud and thankful for.

Sober Chick said...

hAAPy AA birthdAAy friend. Wow that is soooo amazing! I find it so interesting that we really don't get to choose our sobriety date. I tried so many times to choose one this time around. I remember I planned to drink on my new sobriety date but it just did not work out that way. Somehow God pulled out the big saving guns and interrupted my game plan.

Congrats to 12 years and showing others that this thing is possible!

Mary Christine said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Scott!!!!

dAAve said...

Are you kidding me?!?!?!
It's already been 12 years?!?!?!
Where does the time go?
It doesn't seem like a day more than 4,380.

(happy b-day SCOTT!!)

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday, Scott. I just celebrated 17 last July.

Ignore Micky - sounds like a dry drunk to me!! LOL

Adrienne said...

.... that's years, not days:)

Adrienne said...

Added you to my blog roll, too