Monday, January 14, 2008

I owe

man, what a day! I saved a $180,000.00 loan (and all the customer's bakn accounts) from going over to a small town bank (competitor), got bombarded with phone calls, some for new deals :-) I came home from work to play with Ian for a coupls hrs after dinner before hitting the gym for a brisk walk, some hoops shooting and a couple games of one on one. a full day indeed!

it's about time to start prepping my 8th graders for confirmation next year... they've each written an autobiography, each done a report on their patron saint and now we begin digging into the meaning of confirmation... it will be especially fun for me to teach them, as I just went through the process last year at Easter time. It's really the whole reason I decided to teach CCD, to share my enthusiasm with the kids. So far, only a couple of them seem to be interested in it, lol. But hey, they are 8th graders!

We had a great jail mtg Saturday, and an excellent 1st Step meeting at home group last Wed nite. Being around newcomers just gets me excited about recovery... Even after nearly 12 yrs of sobriety and coming to meetings, I still love to meet new people and offer my help, remembering what a frickin nightmare it was for me early on, and for all of us... It reminds me of what it meant to me for long timers to dig right in and offer their hands to me.

I owe...

Heavenly Father, please help me to remember that I owe... I owe my life to AA. I owe my marriage to AA, my son's life to AA. You and AA have given me everything. Everything I have thats good in my life is because I followed Your Will, not just my own. I try to align myself with you as often as I can remember to... Most of all, I owe...

thank y'all for comin' round to visit!

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you make me tired ;)