Friday, January 18, 2008

a sharing opportunity

This morning at my Optimist Club meeting, I will share a bit about my "ministry" (as they call it) on Saturday morning at our local jail. I had confided my situation to a member and he couldn't get over the fact that I was a real, live, sober alcoholic. More than that, he couldn't get over how we bring meetings into the county jail on Saturday mornings. So, about a month ago he asked if I would be willing to come in and give a talk to our group about that, and share about our "ministry" on Saturady mornings.

Of course being the "good" AA that I am, I immediately agreed to come talk. In 12 yrs sober, I have never had an issue where my alcoholism and membership in AA has done anything but help me. I've never had someone or some entity find out I am in AA and fire, demean, fine, bash, ridicule, spread nasty rumors, etc. about me.

So, even though I am among business, school, civic leaders in our community each week at Optimist Club, I am more than happy to get up there and share about my reprieve, the awesome gift I am given each day, the incredible blessings that come with sobriety and the fact that God, AA and the peeps in AA (including you all) make all this happen for me. I believe I owe it to my community to humbly make myself accesible to the drunk who still suffers.

We'll see what happens!

God, please help me be truthful, humble and service minded this morning as I share my experience, strength and hope with a group of men I repsect, trust and frankly love. I pray that my words, Your message might find their way to someone who needs them, and that I might be able to help someone down the line someday who needs it. I also pray that I represent AA respectfully, honestly and humbly, alwasy remebering that I just might be the first and/or only Big Book someone sees. Thanks for this chance to share!

peace be with you all!

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dAAve said...

Ah yes, the eternal optimist!
Have a wonderful weekend Scott.