Monday, February 04, 2008

no worries!

Now perhaps, the NY Giants fans who have been all over Eli Manning from day 1 will finally SHUT UP! I love it! If they don't want Eli, we'll take him in Cleveland! What a win last nite! It's a shame the Patriots couldn't make history but I couldn't be happier! Congrats to my 2nd fave team, the NY Giants! GO BIG BLUE!

Things are getting tight with regard to cash flow. The move to the bank was a HUGE upgrade! However, my base salary doesn't quite cover the whole monthly outgo. So, it's imperative that I hit big numbers over the next several months in a row to build up our rapidly dwindling "excess" cash pool. The self employment experiment left us in a HUGE cash crunch. Digging out from that has been slow going to say the least.

The great thing about my life today is that I don't have to drink over that. I don't even (and frankly cannot afford) to get disturbed, mad or depressed. I have a challenge (like most people) that HP and I need to rise up and deal with. AA has given me the clarity of mine and heart to deal with such difficulties without pulling the whole mess down over my head in an effort to "show" whoever it is that's making my life difficult (cuz it certainly ain't me, he he!! )

I can and must remain grateful for all the incredible blessings in our lives, starting with sobriety and AA. I am so glad that I have an open line to God, that He is always there for me, and that I know in my heart of hearts that all good things in my life come from Him.

God, I pray to You for guidance in how I might provide well for my family. I hold faith in my heart that You will continue to help, nurture and support us in our lives. I pray that I might seek and find the Holy Spirit as we enter Lent, that I might find ways to become closer to You, the HS and Your greatest gift, Your only Son.

have an awesome day out there!

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dAAve said...

Of course, you already know that it will all work out the way it should, if only you take the proper action(s) and leave the rest to your HP.
Good ball game.