Thursday, February 07, 2008


well, on Wed, we went and received ashes at Mass to being our Lenten celebration. I didn't do a "fat tuesday" deal, can't find Paczki around here (pronounced poonshki) like I could up in Toledo. There aren't any Poles in this part of Ohio like there are in Toledo. Paczki is a traditional Polish jelly filled donut baked for fat tuesday. They are very heavy, very fried, very large, very full of jelly and very powdered suger covered. Very yummy! But, I didn't get any this year...

I have decided to work with a personal trainer.. She comes into the bank regularly, and I have noticed her (for probably the wrong reasons, man she is fit!) several times, but have been reluctant to say anything. Well, the other day, I went over and talked to her and I think my first session with her will be Monday after work. I hope she doesn't break me in half or anything lol She was telling me that fitness and exercise are really determined by each person's goals, body type, fitness level and what not. That made me feel pretty good to hear that. The trainers at the Y where I belong all seem to be "Hitler-esque" and make all their clients do the same workouts... I cannot believe that "one size fits all" when it comes to getting in shape.

Work has gotten to be at a near insane level of activity, lol. Between the files I have in process in underwriting, the peopleI have pre approved/househunting and the peeps I have pre-approved, awaiting rates to drop to where we need them to be, I have over 40 loans working right now. That is waaaaaaayyy more loans than I have ever had rolling at one time and frankly, I am not quite sure how I am keeping up! I know that I havent had a Saturday off since Jan 1st, and I have spent a few Sundays and several evenings in front of the laptop as well! I gotta keep up somehow!

HP, thanks for another day sober. Thanks for keeping ym family safe and healthy. I am so blessed to be able to plug into You at any time, as you're always there for me. As we celebrate Lent, I pray that I remember to give, and do more for those around me.

may the peace of Christ be with you all!


ukok said...

Sorry you culdn't find your polish doughnuts anywhere.

I love the prayer and the way you say you're

'plugging into God'


dAAve said...

At least you have plenty of work.
I have worked with a personal trainer 3 days/week since June. No regrets here (although it ain't cheap).

Mary Christine said...

It sounds like you may have found a personal trainer who will work for you.

Those jelly filled things sound good! I love polish food.