Sunday, March 09, 2008

daylight savings time

Well, I was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking that ever so important first cup of coffee, searching the TV for Meet the Press, per my ususal pre-Mass ritual when it occurs to me that it's one hour later than I thought it was. Yep, for the first time in years we got tricked by Daylight Savings Time. So, we've missed Mass. Which, from a lazy, self-centered perspective is fine with me, lol. However, I would have preferred to get to Mass and take care of business there. Whoops... I think that some extra quiet time and reflection might be in order today!

Well, we got our "blizzard..." These folks around here get so excited about some snow lol. I think we got probably 8-10 inches by the time things wound down around 4pm yesterday. I spent about 90 mins clearing the driveway and things are just fine. The roads are in rpetty rough shape, simply due to the fact that we dont have the necessary equipment to deal with large snowfalls. All in all, no biggie!

Well, I have been aching to do something artistic and I had bought some pastels and a sketch book ooooh about 9 yrs ago and they've sat in a drawer since then. I love chalks, and I really want to create something spiffy... So, I decided to just get 'em out, quit wondering and think ing about it, and just doing it. I don't know how artists do their thing or make a start, I even posted on a friend's art blog asking the question lol. So, I began... I made a picture of our male Betta (siamese fighting fish) Jack and one of his smaller tankmates. It turned out pretty kool I guess... I dunno, who knows? But, it was fun and I think I want to do more... I know art is in the eyes and heart of the creator but ya know... what makes it good?

I am just grateful God gave me the desire to create, whether it be music, artistic chalk drawing, cooking, mortgage loans, sobriety/helping other drunks & addicts or whatever. I am just glad to be moved by the Holy Spirit to be a part of some creative process...


Adrienne said...

It doesn't have to be "good", it just has to be (to exist)

One of my favorite quotes -

"If only the most gifted bird sang, the forest would be a quiet place."

Drawing, painting et al, are wonderful expressions of who you are.

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday!
I love seeing how empty the church is at Mass right after the time change. tee-hee :)

Gwen R said...

Sometimes it is fun to just create. Get those pastels out! 9 years has made them some lonely pastels.

Maybe you will post a pic of some finished work.


dAAve said...

do MORE art!