Saturday, March 08, 2008

getting my workout with a shovel

Well, we've been under a blizzard warning since early Fri afternoon. We're getting one of those rare freak late winter major snowstorms. They are calling for upwards of a foot of snow, with 25-40 mph winds by the time it winds down this evening. I grew up SW of Buffalo, where snowfalls like this happen several times each winter so to me, it's sorta like reliving my childhood. For the locals, it's the end of the world lol.

Having said all that, I am sure the Y is closed (everything closes when we get more than a few inches of snow around here lol) so I will be forced to get my cardio workout with shovel in hand! Three cheers for a warm coat, gloves, hat and an MP3 player! I'll probably be taking Ian for some sledding later this weekend. We're supposed to be in the 40's next week so I will have to switch from shovel to squeegee lol.

Thankfully, I didn't have to work today. I had planned on going in but it would've been strictly volunteer. With the laptop and internet, I can get alot done from home which is what I will be doing! Ahh, the comforts of the home office... Comfy clothes, the dog and boy at my side, and the wife looking over my shoulder to see that I am doing something useful! There's nothing quite like it lol.

I dont have much profound to share so, I am going to eat a banana and some yogurt, get bundled up and attempt the first round of shovelling.

y'all be good!

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Mary Christine said...

Watch your body mechanics so you don't hurt your back. Shoveling is hard work!