Monday, March 31, 2008

full plate!

Whew, what a long weekend! I am ready to get back to a "normal" schedule... The first time homebuyer's seminar went well. We had a small group, but it was well received, went smoothly and really served as a nice "practice" for when we're able to host a bigger event. The home show went well, I got 10 good contacts to call this week to talk about their mortgages. One of the mgrs went home all mad Fri nite. She had expectations of getting all these loan and credit card applications. I tried to explain to her that people don't like to give out their SSN and info in a public setting such as a home show. But, if we could get some good leads, people willing to have us call them we will have done well. And we did!

I am headed into/going through one of those periods of time again. I have a ton of stuff piling up at work, many loans are hitting snags in the carpet with their particular issues. And of course, we're getting busier with purchase season upon us. I have a lot of stuff going on at home, taxes are about due, need to file those. Tee ball is starting, the dance band performance season is kicking off soon, I need to put together the brass group to play at Church and I am still trying to find/make time to work out regularly. We're getting ready to do a much needed/time consuming garage sale. So, there's just a TON of stuff going on, needing to be done. And, I am allowing all of this stuff to stress me out big time.

So, I gotta find a way to chill, to not let myself get so worked up about the little things, or I am going to be useless, and get pretty much nothing done well. My mind has just been racing all day these days, been on constant scrambling mode to get things done and get to where I need to be. And frankly, I seem to not know exactly what I need to be doing to take care of the foundation (me and my sanity).

I hate getting in these places... I pretty much know what I need to be doing, just not making the time necessary to do it all, and the prayer life is suffering, which make everything else go down the tubes for me.

So, having said all that... My life is basically excellent (good health, great family, kool doggie, nice home), money isn't nearly as bad as some people, but not particularly overflowing these days lol. But all in all, everything is ok. I just need to get an even keel and stop racing around (mainly in my mind, then physically) from thing to thing "crisis" to "crisis" and just do as I was taught: Trust God, Clean House and Help Others: living a day at a time, enjoying each moment at a time, accepting hardship as the pathway to peace...

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