Monday, April 07, 2008


Ian and I played a little golf for the first time this season. It got up to 73 today (Monday), sunny, pleasant... April really is my favorite month! The driving range was too wet, so they let us play 3 holes without paying... So, we walked, took our time, had a ball!

Work is still crazy... I am shooting for my first day off in probably a month. This Sunday ought to be a day off from work, with any luck,a nd no calls for open houses this weekend. I do enjoy what I do (aside from all the bank related BS and the few insane customers I have), helping people with one of their largest investments, their homes. But, enough is enough! I have a honey-do list a mile long, taxes to finish and a garage sale to prepare for. I need a day off!

Tonite is my last teaching class for 8th grade CCD. It's been a fun year, went fairly smoothly for the most part. I think tonite we're going to go through a list of helpful, inspirational Scripture passages and discuss them over pizza and pop (soda pop, that is).

When I have more time, I will publish a list of these various Scripture passages if anyone is interested. They are readings I like to use in my daily life as I try growing closer to the Lord. Many of you AA's will recognize the principles found in the readings...

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Sober Chick said...

Hi Friend,

Stopping in to say hello and check in. Glad to see your life is filled and you are getting everything in order. Have a gr8 wknd, enjoy your family!