Tuesday, April 15, 2008

500th post

I still cannot believe I have stuck with this blogging thing. Granted, I don't post nearly as often as I have in the past but, for the most part I still derive much pleasure from blogging and reading others' blogs. I think the real treasures here are the friends I've made around the world!

Last evening, I attended "class" with my wife. She and I have been reading the book "A New Earth... Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" and she has been logging in to the weekly classes with Oprah and Eckhardt Tolle, the author. The book has been a tough read for me so far in that it requires some serious mental effort in places and by the time I sit down to read, it's usually late in the evening, after the boy is down for the nite and all is quite and I am exhausted lol. Well, the class was really interesting,a nd I got alot out of it. I can't really explain much about it, other than it struck some things within me and it made getting through the book a good bit easier. I kinda wish I had been going through the classes all along. This one last nite was the 7th of 10 sessions.

Last Wed nite, I held my final teaching class for my 8th graders in CCD. I think I put them to sleep one, and all lol. I had made a list of Scripture passages I thought they might find useful at various times in their lives. We read and discussed them over pizza. Yes, I caved, and surprised them with some pizza and cokes. I am going to miss my kids. I see one or a pack of 'em from time to time out in public and they have all been really friendly, saying hi, stopping for a quick chat even on occassion. That makes me feel like I at least connected in some way. And, that makes me feel great! All I really wanted to do was pass along my enthusiasm for the message of Christ and help them find ways to meet Christ and have a relationship with Him, that they might find better ways to get through life than I did as a young person.

A student from the university where I got my Bachelor's degree called last nite soliciting almuni donations. I gave in lol. She was polite, I knew she probably hated having to dial for dollars. And she took the time to read the prepared script about the happenings in my old College of Musical Arts, and sort of related it to me in a personal way. The clincher was when she read my mind and asked if I had gotten any assistance from scholarship monies while in attendance at school. Being the honest person I am, and having made a promise to myself to kick back some $$ to them once I was "doing well..." I had to tell her yea, and promptly agreed to her first request for a donation. How could I not? It's been 17 yrs since I grad from college and I havent sent them a nickel. If it hadn't been for the Music Talent awards I had received, and from time to time, some serious scrambling on the part of some faculty at my school, I would've had to drop out. The funny thing is, I am not working in the field in which I am degreed (Music Ed). But, I teach music and other things, I play my horn and if it weren't for my degree, I would never have got the interview that got me in this industry after I sobered up. So, once again, I owe, and last nite I began repaying in another way. I am glad I did, and grateful she called.

The poor kid is a sociology major. I slept through sociology lol.


dAAve said...

Happy 500th!!

Pam said...

HEY HAPPY 500 (I'm almost there too). I can't read heavy stuff late in the evening...it just makes my eyes heave also.

ukok said...

Congratulations on your 500th post, Scott!