Friday, June 20, 2008

checking in

I made it to home group Wed nite, did the T-Ball thing Thursday and today, I left work around 1:30 and drove a couple hrs up to Toledo to visit my dad for a belated Father's day visit. I brought him some cashews and fresh blueberries, and we simply sat and talked business, religion, politics, sales, marriage... it was an awesome visit!

Meanwhile at home, my wife continues to struggle. She told me she is in bad space, but couldn't elaborate on what that means... So, I told her that I love her, will pray for her and that I wished I could help her. I don't really know what I can do other than love her, pray for her and try to listen and be understanding.

I am going to inquire at a local extension campus of a state university about becoming an adjucnt professor, or teach some sort of mortgage/personal finance-based classes, or maybe even some basic music appreciation classes. I need to find a way to help supplement my income during the slower months. I am good friends with a county commissioner and he put in a good word with the asst dean. So, I guess it pays to be friends with the right people.

Tomorrow, my wife leaves for West Virigina. She and all her brothers will be at their parents home all together for the first time in probably 20+ yrs. I will head down Sunday and come home Wed. She and Ian will be back next weekend. I think it will do her some good to be around her family. I know I can use a change of pace for a few days. Ian will have a ball hanging with his family and his favorite cousin. We're going to do some rafting on the New River Tuesday, wish me luck lol

peace to all who enter here...


Anonymous said...

"Peace to all who enter here..."

I like that a lot. :)

♥Shann♥ said...

I am entering... LOL hellllo Scott! I LOVE your ATTITUDE... it is very inspiring and uplifting! I am sure you have come back from your wifes family by now and all well... have a great weekend this weekend