Sunday, June 29, 2008

the last game

I got back from WV on Wed afternoon only to have to deal with several "loan fires" via email... That was fun lol. The trip was a nice little break from the madness. I got there Sunday afternoon and came home Wed. I fished alot, ate alot, went whitewater rafting and hung out with the in-laws. It was really nice.

Thursday's final T-Ball game was rained out so we had our season ending pizza party that nite anyhow. Tonite we played a "make-up" game for all the kids that wanted to come play. It was a blast! I am really gonna miss T-Ball. I cannot wait until lob-pitch baseball next summer! The season is far too short!

I am really hoping that my wife's little vacation helps us somehow get along a little better. Now that the busy, busy June is behind us and there's really nothing major going on the rest of the summer perhaps she can be more relaxed and at peace. God, I hope so for both or our sakes!

For next year's CCD 8th grade classes, we have big sections. So, we are thinking of having some of the high school youth group kids assist us with the 8th grade sections. I am kind of hoping that maybe the 8th graders might take it a little more seriously if some of the kids they look up to are helping to teach. And it will be really good for the high school kids to teach and help out.

We've got a newcomer that's been coming to my home group for several weeks now. Each week he comes in all enthusiastic about sobriety, yet tells us he drank again. Each time he drinks, he gets deeper into more shit. I hope he gets it soon... He doesn't seem quite ready to "go to any length." I will be praying for him.

My friend John R found out a couple weeks ago that he has terminal cancer. They found a few issues with his hip, and after some further testing they thought it was cancer. Well, doing some more testing and what not, they found a 7 lb tumor near his hip. It turns out that he has cancer all through his body. His prognosis has given him about 6-8 weeks to live. I haven't seen him yet, but I hear that his attitude is remarkably positive, as usual. He seems to have accepted his illness,a nd decided to jsut go home to live out his days, rather than make himself and his family miserable by trying to squeeze a couple extra months out with chemo and radiation. He's been sober around 30+ yrs and has been retired for quite some time. I am grateful he's at peace. I'll be praying for him as well.

peace to all who enter...


dAAve said...

Best of luck and wishes for you, your family and your friends.

♥Shann♥ said...

Hey Scott I am so sorry to hear about your friend. He and his family are in my prayers... as well as you... Hope you have a good monday